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2014 Fall Season

MidWest Regional Finals (10/25/14)-  I am incredibly proud of Jackson, of how fast he ran and of the amount of work that he put into his season (6 months of running 6 days a week).  He was part of a great team.  They had a slight drop-off from the conference meet, averaging two seconds slower with an average time of 19:12 and a 1-5 split of 1:47.  The team finished 8th out of 15 teams.  The top four teams were Gray Stone Day, Bishop McGuinness, Walkertown and Elkin.  For Jackson's part, his streak of PRs came to an end as he finished 10 seconds behind his conference time, finishing in 20:42.  He finished 6th for his team, but displaced 12 runners from other teams.  It was hotter than it was two weeks ago and I thought he ran great considering the pressure and the temperature. Three of the 9 runners representing Mt Airy did get PRs, the others, like Jackson, had their season best at the conference meet.  Finishing order for the Bears: Joseph(18:19 - 30pts), Matthew (18:53, 42pts), Hunt (18:57, 44pts), Dalton (19:42, 53pts), Justin (20:07, 61pts), Jackson (20:42, 71pts), Griffin (22:11, 85pts)


Northwest Conference Finals (10/16/2014)- 5th straight PR for Jackson.  He trimmed another 42 seconds off his time and finished in 20:32.  The boys team finished 4th in the conference behind Walkertown, Bishop McGuinness and Atkins.  The boy's team had 6 Personal Records and one Season Record.  Finishing order for the Bears: Joseph(18:18 - 11pts-PR), Dalton (18:37, 15pts-PR), Matthew (18:59, 17pts - PR), Hunt (19:25, 22pts- PR), Justin (20:28, 26pts), Jackson (20:32, 27pts-PR), Griffin (22:02, 28pts- PR), Logan (26:01).   Mt Airy had their fastest average time of the season, 19:10, and a 1-5 split of 1:41.

Hagan Stone XC Classic - Another race and another PR for Jackson.  He dropped another minute and twenty-five seconds from his time, finishing in 21:14.  Super proud of him for that accomplishment.  He also finished 5th again for his team.  The entire Mt Airy XC team did great, dropping their average time to 19:37, a reduction of one minute and thirty-two seconds.  Finishing order for the Bears: Joseph(18:47 - 51pts), Matthew (19:02, 62pts), Dalton (19:27, 87pts), Hunt (19:37, 96pts), Jackson (21:14, 169pts), Justin (21:21, 171pts).  Griffin (22:54), Logan (23:35).   Mt Airy finished 16th out of 34 teams with an average time of 19:37 and a 1-5 split of 2:27.

Freedom Invitational - Morganton, NC - September 20, 2014.  Third straight 5000 meter XC PR for Jackson with a time of 22:39.  His time also now bumps him up, at least for now, to 5th on his team.  It was a fun meet to watch with 40 teams competing.  Mount Airy only fielded seven runners, so all seven were in the main 1-7 heat.  The course offered a lot of viewing options for the spectators and I tried to get as many photos as possible.  Finishing order for the Bears: Joseph(18:54 - 40pts), Matthew (20:10, 98pts), Hunt (21:06, 133pts), Jackson (22:39, 178pts), Justin (22:55, 188pts), Griffin (25:20, 209pts), Logan (25:38, 210pts).   Mt Airy finished 25th out of 33 teams with an average time of 21:09 and a 1-5 split of 4:02.

Fisher River Invitational - Dobson, NC - September 4, 2014. Jackson ran a strong race and finished 60th out of 106 runners with a time of 23:05, scoring 51 pts.  He also moved up one spot in his team's finishing order, coming in 6th.  Finishing order for the Bears: Joseph(19:40 - 19pts), Matthew (20:50, 33pts), Dalton (21:28, 38pts), Hunt (21:31, 39pts), Justin (22:47, 49pts), Jackson (23:05, 51pts), Jack (25:17, 61pts), Griffin (27:32), Logan (29:54).  The Bears came in 9th out of 9 teams with an average time of 21:15 and a 3:07 1-5 split.


Northwest Conference Invitational - Kernersville, NC - August 28, 2014.  Jackson competed in his first meet as a freshman for the Mount Airy Bears Varsity Cross Country Team.  The weather was brutal and in the high 90s.  He finished 104th out of 156 runners with a score of 91, displacing 7 of the other teams' top 5.  The order of finishers for MA was... Joseph (19:03 - 25pts), Matthew (20:44 - 47pts), Hunt (21:05 - 51pts), Dalton (22:59 - 78pts), Justin (23:30 - 84pts), Jack (24:34 - 90pts), Jackson (24:47), Logan (27:27) and Griffin (27:48).  Mount Airy finished 13th out of 16 teams with a 1-5 split of 4:26 and an average time of 21:28.