Watermelons, man do our boys love them.  Both Jackson and Benjamin can eat their weight in watermelon.  They come by it naturally.  My grandfather, James Heath, always had a large watermelon patch.  During hot days on the farm, he would walk into the patch, break open a watermelon, just to eat the very middle part.  From what I understand, his mother, Mary Heath, was equally as fond of them.  I remember sitting under the maple tree at Papa James' house eating watermelons and spitting seeds when I was Jackson's age.  Whenever a summertime visitor showed up, Papa James was quick to go to the garden and come back with a great big watermelon.  We have many memories of Jackson sitting in the yard at his Grandma Sue's or his great-grandmother, Hava Heath's, eating entire watermelons.  His little belly would push way out and get as tight as a drum.  When Ben came along, he started doing the exact same thing.  And isn't there something about a little boy with a face full of watermelon that is very photogenic in a southern farm-boy sort of way?


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