The Heath Farm
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Heath/Stanley Photo Album

The Heath Farm sits snugly between Pigg Creek, Granny Branch, and Little Dan River on a beautiful piece of the Southwest Virginia foothills.  No longer a tobacco farm, Hama still raises her own cattle and keeps a very vibrant garden going. 

             My grandmother's house on Thanksgiving Day 2005                 

When my grandparents, James and Hava, first moved onto the farm it was into a log house.  Their oldest daughter, Geraldine, was born there.  They then briefly moved onto the mountain in Bellspur where their next son, Stewart, was born.  It was then back down to the farm in Claudville and into a new house where my dad, Gary, was born.  With the family growing, they built a larger house on the same property where their fourth child, David, was born.  The baby of the family, Michael, was the only one to be born in a hospital.  Thus, all five Heath children were born in different places.

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My great grandparents, Caleb (Daddy Heath) and Mary (Granny) Heath, lived on a neighboring farm just a little further up the valley.