Hava Heath's Birthday Parties

Hama's 95th Birthday

Hama's 94th Birthday

Hama's 93rd Birthday

For the 2nd year in a row, we celebrated Hama's birthday with a dinner at 13 Bones.  This year it was our family, Papa, Mike, Jennifer and Madi.

Hama's 92nd Birthday

Hama's 91st Birthday

Hama's 90th Birthday
Sunday, July 5th, 2009. Today we celebrated my grandmother's 90th birthday.  It was a party hatched in Amy's mind over six months ago.  So many people contributed in so many different ways to make today a success.  Even the rain didn't dampen the festivities.  Cousins, aunts and uncles started working early in the AM, constructing tents and decorating.  And over a hundred guests were not deterred by the weather.  The food was both wonderful and plentiful, as was the music provided by Rich In Tradition.

Hama's 89th Birthday
My family, plus Papa, Mo, Deana, Melanie and her family, David, Cathy, Mark, Sue, Autumn, Will, Mike, Jennifer and Maddie all celebrated Hama's birthday together in a private room at the Mayflower.

Hama's 88th Birthday
We celebrated in a private party room at Sagebrush in Mount Airy.

Hama's 87th Birthday
This year we took Hama to Arigato's hibachi style steak house in Winston-Salem for her birthday and were joined by Deana and Martin.

Hama's 86th Birthday
Our family celebrated Hama's 86th birthday on June 29th, 2005 at the Mayflower in Mount Airy. 

Hama's 85th Birthday
We celebrated Hama's 85th birthday on June 29th, 2004 at Sagebrush in Mount Airy. 



Hama's Surprise 84th Birthday Party
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Hama, Hava Heath, turned 84 on June 29th, 2003.  Everyone gave her a big suprise party at the Red Bank Primitive Baptist Church in Claudville.  We had a really fun time visiting with all our family and friends.


Hama's  83rd Birthday Party
We celebrated Hama's 83rd birthday by going out to eat at one of Hama's favorite restaurants, The Mayflower.

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