Strawberry Fields 2015

Amy, Ben and I joined our neighbors on a late season trip to Country Roads.  The day was just gorgeous and the strawberries plentiful. 

Strawberry Fields 2012
The kids didn't make it out to a strawberry farm this year, but Jackson did grow some nice ones of his own in our garden.  The one in this photo was simply enormous. 

Strawberry Fields 2011

After missing the chance to pick strawberries in 2009 and 2010 due to less than ideal weather conditions and other circumstances, Amy and the boys visited Country Road Farms in Pinnacle, NC for a day of strawberry picking.  I heard nothing but positive reviews from their experience there and I can vouch for the fact that the strawberries were delicious.

Strawberry Fields 2008

For the second straight year, Amy and the boys picked strawberries on Cave's Farm in Dobson, NC.  They are getting to be old hands at this and came home with a flat divided into three parts.  Both Jackson and Ben had to make sure that they could tell which berries were their's.  So far they've had bowls of berries for dessert and breakfast.

Strawberry Fields 2007

Strawberry Fields 2006

On our way out of the mountains following a picnic on the Blue Ridge Parkway, we passed a strawberry field in Ararat, Virginia with a big U Pick sign.  I stopped to see when they were open during the week so that Amy and her friend Timmesa could return later, but after the man said that we could pick some then if we wanted to, it was hard to hold the kids back.  We were off on a berry picking adventure.   It was late in the day and the fields had already been picked over, but we still found more than enough strawberries to take home.  This was my first year picking strawberries with the family, but it was Jackson's fourth.  And like a seasoned vet, he filled his bucket the fastest and had some of the best berries too.   Ben would pick a berry, take a bite, then sling the rest over his shoulder saying "Here ya go bunny rabbits."  Jackson waited until his bucket was full, then sat down with his berries and started eating.  The people at this farm were extremely friendly..  Actually, it turned out that they were family.  They told Ben not to come back from the field until his face was stained red and proclaimed that "ah, they can't hurt nothing out here."  When we were done, Ben sat on the man's knee and told him that he would stay.  I guess the way to Ben's heart is an unlimited supply of strawberries.  We spent 3 1/2 dollars at the grocery store on the way to our picnic for a tiny container of strawberries.  At the strawberry field we spent exactly twice as much for at least two gallons of berries.  They didn't even count the two buckets the boys picked and wouldn't let me pay any extra for the help we got in picking them.  AND the berries were sooo much better than the ones at the store.  I only ate a few in the field and they were absolutely fantastic.    We made strawberry milkshakes once we got home, had strawberry shortcake for breakfast the next morning and poundcake with strawberries the next night.  Ben has said that he wants to go back to the "Strawberry Pay Place", which is the barn where we paid for the berries, and go "in their backyard", which would be the strawberry field.

Strawberry Fields 2005

Amy starts looking forward to strawberry season at the very first hint of Spring.  Taking the kids to the strawberry fields has become a wonderful tradition.  But when the wonderful strawberry patch at the edge of town disappeared,  Amy had to go looking for a new field.  We heard about a strawberry field on the other side of Dobson, plus it was featured in the local newspaper, so Amy, Timmesa, Jackson, Samuel, and Benjamin took off at eight this morning in search of a new fun place to pick their berries.  They found strawberries, but the farm was more business oriented and not as geared toward 'pick-your-own".  The berries were still delicious though. 

Strawberry Fields 2004

Amy, Timmesa, Jackson, Samuel, and Benjamin once again spent a May morning in the strawberry fields.  The only difference this year is that Benjamin rode on the outside instead of the inside of Mommy's tummy (and actually slept through most of it).  Picking strawberries with Timmesa and the kids has become one of Amy's favorite springtime rituals.  I stopped by just as they were loading up and got to see two very red faced and tired little boys. 


Strawberry Fields 2003

Amy, Timmesa, Jackson, and Samuel all spent a May morning in the strawberry fields.  (A very impressive thing for Amy to do since she was 9 months pregnant at the time).  I wish I could have been there, it looks like they had a great time.  I don't know how many strawberries were eaten in the fields, but I know lots came home.  We had strawberry pie, strawberry shortcake, miniature strawberry shortcakes... and they were all delicious.

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