MAMS 2016
Coaches Tom Paschal and Ethan Paschal
Undefeated 2016 Foothills Middle School Conference Champions

October 25, 2016.  Ben scored twice for the second game in a row.  This was his first start and he took advantage of it by scoring off a header on the first possession of the game.  The header came off a cross from his friend Brandon.  A few minutes later Renae was bringing the ball up the middle when the defense cleared it across the front of the goal.  Ben was in position to score the second goal of the game.  Renae scored the next two and the bench started working their way into the game.  Ben sat the rest of the 7-1 championship clinching victory over Meadowview.  Dylan, Luis and Willie also scored.  Ben has now scored 8 goals for the MAMS Boys team and 1 goal for the co-ed team.

October 20, 2016. Ben scored twice giving him 6 goals for the Boys team this year.  8 players in total scored in this evening's 9-0 win over Southeastern.  Ben (2), Renea, Luis, Brandon, Austin, Eli, Dylan and Grayson. The team is now 8-0 with an astounding goal differential of 51 to 4. At this point in the season, 11 different players have scored for the boys. 

October 18, 2016.  A 2-1 co-ed win over Piney Grove.  Ben played at midfield for the first half of the game and played really well. One of the two goals came off his corner kick, but it was recorded as an "own goal".  Ben played in two of the four co-ed games.  Ben, Luis, Grayson and Seth each scored one goal each during the co-ed season.

October 13, 2016.  2-1 win over Central Middle.  This was the first sweep of Central in 17 years and was the de facto Conference Championship.  Ben went into the game when Renae was injured.  Austin scored first on a phenomenal corner kick, then Luis made the go ahead goal later in the game. 

October 11, 2016. Ben scored his 4th goal for the Boys team during a 6-2 win over Chestnut Grove.  I was working late and missed the game, but I heard Ben played great. Amy said that he made a shot on goal, but a defender got a hand on it, resulting in a PK, which Ben made.

October 6, 2016. The co-ed team lost to Pilot Mt.  Ben did not dress out for this game.

October 4, 2016. A 9-0 win over Gentry brings the team to 5-0 at the halfway point of the season.  The boys' team has scored 34 goals, while only giving up 1.  9 players have scored goals so far this season.  For this game, the starters were replaced by the bench in mass versus working them in as individual replacements.  The bench has also grown to include some new faces. 

September 29, 2016. A 6-0, rain-shortened victory over Meadowview. 

September 27, 2016.  Ben's first middle school Hat Trick!  Ben entered the game against Southeastern with the score 3-0, then ripped off three straight goals.  He went back to the bench with the score 6-0.  From there MAMS continued to dominate and ended the game early in the second half with the score 9-0.  The Boy's team improved to 3-0
Hat Trick Video

September 22, 2016. Ben scored his first middle school goal in a 2-0 coed win over Piney Grove!

September 20, 2016.  2-1 win over Central Middle!

September 15, 2016. 8-0 win over Chestnut Grove.  The entire team played great.  Ben logged around 30 minutes at striker and forward and had 5 or 6 shots on goal, although none made it into the net this time.  It was a good first effort by all on the team. 


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