May 20, 2005.  Our family has practically lived on Sesame Street for the past five years.  Even though Jackson didn't watch television until he was fifteen months old, he has loved Elmo since he was a baby.  He would get so excited over his Elmo toys that he would bite them.  We might possibly have every Elmo toy ever made.  No Barney, no Teletubbies, it was all Elmo.  Then when Ben came along, he turned out to be a full time Sesame Street fan.  Probably half of his first words were Sesame Street characters.  He calls trash cans Oscie cans.  He likes Big Bird, Ernie, Bert, Slimey, Rubber Duckie, you name it.  If they've been on Sesame Street, he's a fan.  So when Sesame Street Live came to Greensboro, and right at Ben's birthday, it was a must see show for the Heaths.  We got tickets early and managed to get front row seats on the side.  Even with seats a couple of rows back on the floor, I would have been worried that the kids wouldn't be able to see over the people in front of them, so I called the ticket office rather than getting the tickets online.  It worked out perfectly, with the big bonus of getting to meet many of the characters.  We got there ridiculously early (has anyone ever seen Cats And Dogs...where Jeff Goldbloom and family are tricked into going to a bogus Soccer match.  When they get there the parking lot is empty.  Right before getting knocked out with gas by the fake parking lot attendant, Jeff says "well, first in line for chili dogs right?"  That is exactly what it looked like.  Amy and I both thought the exact same thing when we stopped to pay for parking)  So anyway, we had lots of time to get snacks and to let the boys stretch their legs before the show.  Jackson enjoyed it more than we thought he would.  He danced to the songs and participated by following all the prompts.  Ben was very, very excited to see everyone.  For some reason Barkley really got him worked up.  They both loved it when the characters gave them hugs.  A couple of scenes took place with the lights off.  They used day-glow puppets and costumes with blacklights.  While Amy and I thought those sections were some of the best, Ben probably would disagree..  And whenever they blew confetti or steam out of the cannons, Ben started climbing for the exit.  Especially near the end when we had passed his bedtime.  But on the whole, the show was great and both kids enjoyed themselves.  Some things you do as family leave you feeling completely taken advantage of (like the local fair, carnival rides at the mall and pony rides), but the Sesame Street Live show was worth more than the price of admission.  A really nice memory for the boys.  And if you ever want to reflect on how times have changed, try driving in your mini-van to a Sesame Street show at the same place you saw Metallica and Van Halen. 

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