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Monday, September 30th, 2013. Another busy weekend, capped off with just a super day for Ben and I.  Following church, we went kayaking with friends at Foster Falls on the New River.  Ben did awesome.  At the first playspot, I handed him a camera so that he could take photos.  He soon decided that he would rather join us in the river, so he started surfing his kayak in the hole, going in at least three times.  He did not flip and ferried back and forth the river like a pro.  He later surfed the ledges and sat in a really long side surf.  Afterwards we enjoyed a bacon-cheeseburger picnic at the playground in Hillsville, then knocked out some door-to-door popcorn sales for Cub Scouts once we got back to town.  Ben started his weekend with a sleepover at his friend Luke's house and also played a great soccer game on Saturday.  Jackson helped park cars for First Presbyterian, then spent the night with friends Jack and Grey up the street.  In there somewhere I managed to get a lot of yard work done and Amy was able to finish the preparations for her new job, which started today.
So the weekend was awesome.  But today we received the very sad news that our good friends the Lindsley family will be moving soon to Charlotte.  We wish them the best, but our family is better with them in our town, our church and in our life, so we will miss them greatly. 

Monday, September 23rd, 2013. Last week we had scouts and soccer on Monday, the PC Fair on Tuesday, I worked Wed night, a soccer game on Thursday, then Jackson had friends Tanner and Robert over on Friday before going to the MA vs Central football game in Dobson.  On Saturday, following his soccer game, Ben's friend Zeb came over for the day.  We've been playing lots of football in the yard, Ben is busy with soccer and scouts (me too!), Amy is busy prepping for the new job she is starting in Pilot Mt this month.  We have been doing lots and lots of running around for sure.  Ben's soccer team is 0-1-2 after three games.  I am helping out this year as an assistant coach.  The teams are all very equal and so far the season is going well, I think.


Sunday, September 8th, 2013. While mom stayed at our house with the boys, Amy and I spent a very fun evening camping at Round Peak Vineyard.  We were joined by friends Jeff and Timmesa, who hooked us up with a choice spot in Kent and Danielle's backyard.  Before dinner we sat around camp, listening to Jerry play on the stage, threw some frisbee, kicked some hacky sack and chilled.  After dinner, we enjoyed some beverages while listening to George play at the winery.  The second set included a guest appearance by Jeff and Timmesa for four songs.  We then broke out the guitars at our own campfire for a couple of hours of music.  Amy and I woke early the next day and enjoyed a walk around the grounds and some time in the hammock. 

Wednesday, September 4th, 2013. Sad to say that Napolean (Poley) has left the building, just shy of spending one year with our little family.  Ben is very sad, he says it is the first pet that he was really close to.