RCC Recreational League
Junior Hoop Boys (11-12 years old) 2015-2016
Coaches James "House" Brown and Delane Heath
1st Place Regular Season with a 4-2 record

2/13/2016. Lost in the first round of the tournament to EMWD.  The league had great parity this year and the two teams that finished tied for 2nd went to the championship over the two teams that were tied for 1st.  Ben had a good day, scoring 11 points that included a long range three pointer.  Jared had a good day as well, scoring 17, but the only other points from the team came from two free throws that Chris hit.  That was very unlike how most of our games went, where scoring was very distributed.  It was a good season though and a good group of players.

2/6/2016 - 4-2 Wow, what a game.  With Ridge and James home sick, Ben's team could only field 4 players.  They went with a triangle and 1 defense, with Ben chasing the ball.  Ben hit a 3, Chris scored, William scored and somehow after one quarter they were only down 2 pts.  Then it happened.  Ben had a transcendent 2nd quarter, knocking down 5 jumpers off quick screens. Jared and Chris scored, their defense generated steals and turnovers.  They could not have played a better quarter and hit the half up 7 points.  Unbelievable.  But they were spent, their tanks were empty.  The opposing team came out pressing hard, with a double-team on Ben that picked him up at half court.  The guys tried their best but were outscored 31-5 in the second half.  They only managed 1 basket in the last two quarters.  It was brutal.  The kids were so tired and frustrated that they were crying and getting hurt. I was upset with the other coach for not backing off after they were up a ton with time running out.   Ben finished with 13 pts, which is his season high.

1/30/2016 - 4th win in a row!  Ben was up until 6AM at a youth group lock-in, then played a soccer game at 1:00 (he scored 3 goals in a big win), allowing him to just barely make it to his 2:15 basketball game in time.  It was a rough game from the start.  Ben was hurt twice in the first half.  He hurt his knee when he fell after being accidentally tripped.  Then, right after scoring 7 points on three great shots in the 2nd quarter, he hit his head hard on the floor after being pushed down.  He had to leave the game and sat with an ice-pack on it during half-time, but went back in at the start of the 3rd quarter.  He finished as his team's leading scorer with 9 points.  Scoring was again evenly distributed as Ridge scored 8, Jared 6 and Chris 4.  They outscored their oppenent 17-7 in the second half to come away with an extremely hard fought win.  They enter the last regular season game with a 4-1 record, but play a team that sits at 3-2.

1/16/16 - A big 29-22 win to move into sole possession of 1st place with a 3-1 record.  Had we lost, it would have been a four way tie for 1st.  Ben picked up 4 fouls midway through the 2nd quarter and had to sit until lat in the 3rd.  James did a great job of taking over point while Ben was on the bench.  The score held tight, then once Ben came back in the team went on a push into the lead.  Ben scored 6 after re-entering the game.  It was a neat day in that no player in either Jr Hoops game scored over 7, but 18 players scored more than 4 points. 

1/9/16 -The team moved to 2-1 with yet another close win.  This time it was 31-28 over Riverside.  It was Ben's turn again to be the leading scorer with 8 and again all players scored.  Jared had 7, Ridge 5, Chris and James 4 and William 3.  Coach House gave Ben the tough assignment of guarding his friend Matthew as tight as possible in man on man coverage, even when he didn't have the ball. That was a tough assignment since Ben had just finished playing an indoor soccer game.  He handled it great and played the point fantastic as well.  A really solid game. 

12/19/16 - 32-30.  A narrow 2 point win over Aaron's brought the team to 1-1 on the season.  Jared was the big scorer with 14, Chris had a big game as well with 10 points. 

12/12/15 - 24-26.  A narrow 2 point loss to EMWD in our regular season opener.  Ben led all scorers on his team, which included all 7 players, with 8 points. 

12/10/15 - Scrimmage.  Lost 30-33 to Riverside in overtime.  We were up with the ball with 14 seconds left, so it was one that we could have one.  The kids played insanely good during the 2nd and 3rd quarters, only giving up one basket, but were outplayed in the 1st and 4th quarters.  Ben scored 6 and played really well again.  Jared again led scorers with 12, Chris had 6, Ridge 5 and James 1. 

12/5/2015 - Scrimmage.  Won 25-19 over Aaron's.  Ben played great at point and scored 4 points. Jared led scorers with 10.  Ridge and Chris each scored 4, Jontae 2 and William 1.


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