Central Methodist End Of The Year Program



Wednesday, May 21st, 2008. Ben performed with the four and five year olds at his End of the Year Program.  He was on the front row and pretty bashful during most of the performance.  He was a cute as a button though. Amy, Papa, Mo, Deana and I all attended.  Deana took much better photos than I did, so those are the ones I'm posting.  Following the show, Deana and Mo took Ben to Winston-Salem for a big afternoon of birthday shopping.


Wednesday, May 16th, 2007. Today was Ben's last day of his first year of pre-school.  Amy, Papa, Mo and I all attended the end-of-year program and watched Ben do a super job singing with the rest of the school.  You can see him on the front row in this photo returning my "thumbs up."  I learned years ago when Jackson went to pre-school that you can't take a focused photo in the chapel, so I didn't really try.  It's much easier to just buy the DVD of the performance.  For lunch, we all met at Ben's favorite restaurant, Barney's on Main Street.  From there, Ben rode to Virginia with Papa and spent the afternoon riding the four-wheeler through the cow pastures and helping with all sorts of projects.


May 19, 2005. Jackson graduated from pre-school today.  His four year old class sang "Rockin' Robin" and "Do You Love Me"  They were very cute and all did a great job.  Jackson's Aunt Deana and Aunt Melanie, plus Mo and Papa were in the audience.  Benjamin was proud of his older brother and made lots of noise to show it.  We'll miss everyone at Central, but get to see the staff again in 2006 when Benjamin turns three.  We would love for Ben to get the same teachers because we were very happy with both Miss Caviness and Mrs Golding.  Not many of Jackson's buddies are attending his elementary school in town, so we will definitely miss those guys.  Jackson plans on having lots of play dates over the summer though so that he can stay in touch.



May 21, 2004.. Central Methodist had their End Of The Year Program.  Jackson and the other kids from the three year old class sang Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini and I Get Around.  Jackson did a fabulous job and was very proud.  Mo and Papa came to watch the program and took Jackson back to Claudville for the night.


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