Pilot Mountain, NC

November 11, 2015. I took a vacation day since Amy, Jackson and Ben were all off for Veteran's Day.  We spent part of it with River at Pilot Mountain.  The temps were above 70, making it a great day for a hike. 


November 18, 2011. As a reward for working hard and making great grades, we let Ben have a "hooky day".  He, Amy and I spent the afternoon on Pilot Mountain.  Ben had a marvelous time and enjoyed the rare two parents-to-one kid ratio.

November 13, 2010. Following a Cub Scout outing at Horne Creek Farm, Dave Bansfield and I met at the base of Pilot Mountain for a fun lunch and hike with the kids.   Ben, Will and Charlotte Ann led the way, using downed trees as bridges over the small streams.  Dave and I simply followed behind, allowing them to blaze the trail.  It was a great afternoon for being outside.  The highlight was thirty minutes spent swinging on a grapevine.  In the end, they were competing to see who could hold on the longest. 

July 22, 2007.  Amy, Jackson, Ben and I made a nice summertime hike around the base of Pilot Mountain.  A nice cool breeze blew all morning making it a very comfortable hike.  I don't know why we always end up hiking around Pilot Mountain in July, it just seems to work out that way.  The last time Amy had been on Pilot Mountain she was over 41 weeks pregnant with Jackson.  We thought the altitude might hurry things along.  It didn't. 

July 9, 2005. Jackson, Benjamin, Jesse, and I made the hike around the pinnacle on the Jomeokee Trail.  Ben had a blast, although he got really mad when I wouldn't let him near the look-off edges.  I think Jesse thought it was a cool hike. 

 July 4, 2004. Jackson and I made a hike around the entire base of Pilot Knob using the Jomeokee Trail.  We had an amazing time with incredible views on both sides of the trail.  (The park rangers would probably want me to point out, as they did to us on our return hike, that the Jomeokee Trail is currently closed to the public.)


July 2, 2004.  I managed to sandwich a ride on my motorcycle to Pilot Mountain State Park in between thunderstorms this afternoon.  First time I've rode to the top in years.  Always a fun ride up and a great view when you get there.


February 1, 2003 . The first Saturday this month started off really warm and sunny, so Jackson and I went to Pilot Mountain State Park for an adventure walk.  The mountain was still covered in snow and ice, so we just played at the foot of the mountain.   As usual, a couple of Rescue Wendy_and_Billy_PilotMt_web.jpg (128090 bytes)Heroes went with us and were able to go on lots of pretend missions.  Wendy and Billy especially enjoyed parachuting off the rocks.  I have a short movie of Jackson walking through the woods, click here to watch.

Jackson_2003_02_01_Pilot_Mt_01_web.jpg (223884 bytes)Pilot Mountain is barely visible through the trees behind Jackson.

Jackson_2003_02_01_Pilot_Mt_02_web.jpg (160136 bytes)  Jackson_2003_02_01_Pilot_Mt_03_web.jpg (242941 bytes)  Jackson_2003_02_01_Pilot_Mt_04_web.jpg (241579 bytes)

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