Papa's Birthday Parties

Dad's 70th Birthday Party
August 15, 2014


Dad's 69th Birthday Party
August 11, 2013

Dad's 68th Birthday Party
August 15, 2012

Dad's 65th Birthday Party
August 15, 2009


Dad's 62nd Birthday Party
August 18,2006

Dad's 61st Birthday Party
August 13,2005
My mom threw a really nice party at their house for my dad's 61st birthday.  There was much food, dessert, and fun.  There was also badminton, volleyball, children's horseshoes, a pinata, and fireworks.  It was quite the shindig.  The new porch is fantastic and, oddly enough, it already feels like it was always there.

Dad's 60th Birthday Party

August 15,2004.  We celebrated Papa's 60th birthday with a picnic and hike at Cumberland Knob.  The two mile hike along the Gully Creek Trail starts at an elevation of 2885 feet, then drops 800 feet over the first mile before climbing straight back up on the second mile, crossing the creek a half dozen times at the bottom.  Not bad for a crowd that included a one year old in a stroller, a three year old, a four year old and a six year old.  The battery in my camera died during the hike, so I missed a lot of great photos.  The scenery was beautiful and we made a pretty motley crew climbing up and down the trail, both of which I would have like to have had more pictures of.  Luckily Deana had a disposable camera with her and sent me some of the pics below.


Dad's 45th Birthday Party

August 1989 -  We celebrated my dad's 45th birthday with a party at our cabin. 


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