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Monday, October 31st, 2016. Jackson had varsity basketball try-outs and Ben went to hang out with friends, so Amy and I stayed at the house.  We had a visit from our old buddy Nolan and visited with neighbors and friends as the Bevards flamed their giant pumpkin again this year. 

Sunday, October 23rd, 2016. Below are a few photos from last week.  Ben scored two goals in his middle school game on Thursday and three goals in his rec game on Saturday.  AP joined us on Thursday and Saturday.  Mo and Deana came to Ben's middle school game, which fell on Mo's birthday.  Our family celebrated the event by going out to dinner on Saturday.  We also had the treat of joining Alan, Charla and Lexi for lunch on Saturday.  Jackson went to a haunted trail that evening, while Amy, Ben and I watched movies and SNL at home. 


Saturday, October 15th, 2016. Amy and Ben both ran in the 5K on the Greenway.

Ben followed that up with soccer practice and a soccer game.  He was not able to walk the next day.

October 20, 2016. Ben scored twice giving him 6 goals for the Boys team this year.  8 players in total scored in this evening's 9-0 win over Southeastern.  Ben (2), Renea, Luis, Brandon, Austin, Eli, Dylan and Grayson. The team is now 8-0 with an astounding goal differential of 51 to 4. At this point in the season, 11 different players have scored for the boys. 

October 18, 2016.  A 2-1 co-ed win over Piney Grove.  Ben played at midfield for the first half of the game and played really well. One of the two goals came off his corner kick, but it was recorded as an "own goal".  Ben played in two of the four co-ed games.  Ben, Luis, Grayson and Seth each scored one goal each during the co-ed season.

Saturday, October 15th, 2016. Amy and Ben both ran in the 5K on the Greenway.   Ben later played in a soccer game in Pilot Mt, followed by practice with his travel team.  He could barely move his legs the next day.

October 13, 2016.  2-1 win over Central Middle.  This was the first sweep of Central in 17 years and was the de facto Conference Championship.  Ben went into the game when Renae was injured.  Austin scored first on a phenomenal corner kick, then Luis made the go ahead goal later in the game. 

Wednesday, October 5th, 2016. It seems like all the posts are about soccer right now.  Ben's rec team has a 2-1 record.  Ben has scored 8 goals with two hat tricks so far.  His middle school team is 5-0, having scored 34 goals while only giving up 1! Ben has 3 goals with the Boys' team and 1 goal from the co-ed game he played in.  They have cycled through all the teams and will now play each of them a 2nd time. 
Jackson has been busy with soccer himself as he is coaching the Little Kickers program for RCC and refereeing games.  He is also driving our neighbors' two sons home from school.  Between that, working out with the high school basketball team and homework, the kids is barely getting any sleep.