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Thursday, October 31st, 2013. We had a great time celebrating Halloween in the neighborhood.  We fired up a flaming pumpkin for the first time, Ben scared trick-or-treaters at our neighbor's house, we visited with friends, then capped the night off with a trip to my parents' house in Claudville.  Earlier in the day Ben trick-or-treated on Main Street and at my office.

Tuesday, October 29th, 2013. Last night while Amy and I celebrated our friend Lorie's birthday with pizza, cake and s'mores and while Ben watched the World Series with his aunt Deana and uncle Martin, Jackson, the Old Sport,  read The Great Gatsby, from start to finish between the time he got home from school to the time he went to bed.  He recently watched the movie and really liked it.  He also really enjoyed the novel, but the speed in which he had to complete the book was driven by a school deadline that he had forgotten about. 

Last weekend we joined the Beacons for the second year in a row on a trip to the corn maze in Ararat, Va.

Monday, October 28th, 2013. Many more photos from this year's Parent/Son Camporee here. Ben and I really enjoyed our time in the woods with good friends from Pack 538.  We had great food.  Ben ran for three days straight.  Really good times with my little buddy. 

Tuesday, October 15th, 2013. Soccer is going well.  The regular season is finished, the tournament starts in two days.  Ben had a super game on Saturday, scoring four goals.  More details on the soccer page.  I had a superb weekend camping on the KY/VA border at the start of the month.  Two great days on the river with the SRVCC gang, two great evenings of camping with Joe at Breaks interstate park.  More details on that are on my paddling page.  Ben has had fun decorating the house for Halloween.  Jackson helped sell pumpkins with the Beacons from church, then went on a camping trip with friends in Virginia.  They took turns learning how to drive a straight gear in the woods, played hide-and-seek in the woods, complete with running through briars, and just had a great time in the mountains.  Amy, Ben and I joined our friends the Lindsley family on a walk to the Moravian Church for spaghetti dinner.  Their boys then had a sleep over at the house with Ben.  Ben also had his friend Zeb over on Friday.  They hooked up again on Saturday and spent much of the day together.  Add in Autumn Leaves Festival and it was a busy weekend.