October 2003

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Friday the 31st.    Both our little Supermen had a great time on Halloween.  They joined the Eads and Papa to trick-or-treat on Main Street, then we went to Salem's birthday party, followed by the annual Halloween Hayride, then ended the night with visits to Aunt Deana's and Mo's.

Thursday the 30th. Jackson was happy to don his Superman costume for the second time and go to his preschool's Halloween carnival.  Amy and Benjamin went with Jackson and had a lot of fun watching him play with his school buddies.  Here are some pictures of Jackson and his pals.



Wednesday the 29th.  Jackson doing something he has always enjoyed doing, jumping off things.  I like taking pictures of Jackson jumping because I think his face mid-flight really captures what it is to be a three year old kid.  Disclaimer: jumping on the couch is not a mommy approved activity.

Saturday the 25th and Sunday the 26th. We had a lot of fun this weekend.  We went to a Fall Festival at both Tharington Elementary and at Jackson's cousin Ian's church, Megan came over and played with us, Benjamin tasted his first green beans (do you think he liked them?), Jackson got to jump in some leaf piles, and we celebrated Melanie's birthday.


johnny jumpup

Tuesday the 21st.  Benjamin gave the Johnny JumpUp a whirl for the first time.  I think he liked it, but it totally cracked Jackson up. 

Mo's Birthday

Monday the 20th. Everyone celebrated Mo's birthday at her house in Claudville. 

Monica and Rodney's Wedding

Saturday the 18th. Monica and Rodney Nicely were married on a beautiful day in Salem, Virginia.  We had a great time, it was awesome getting to see a lot of friends that we haven't seen in too long.  

Visit the wedding gallery for pics from this and other friend's weddings.

Scott Bearer is Getting married

October the 18th.  On the same day Monica was getting married, Scott and Cherry were preparing for their upcoming wedding.  They will be married in Taiwan on October 25.  I have more pics in their gallery.

Benjamin's 4 Month Portraits

Bug hunting

Thursday the 16th.  Jackson and I went on a nature walk (or as Jackson calls it, a Bug Hunt).  In these pictures he has just found a spider making a web.  Walter Scott and Virginia taught Jackson the art of bug hunting in August.

Ella Marion

Sunday the 19th. Christie and Ella Marion on the left.  Baby Ella on the right.



Wednesday the 15th. Grandma Sue came back with us to Mount Airy for the week.  Benjamin loves talking and laughing with his grandma.  Jackson is pretty tickled about her being here too.


Sunday the 12th.  Jackson and Benjamin enjoyed another weekend of playing with their cousins in Colonial Heights. 

Play Hard, Sleep Hard.


Thursday the 9th.  Benjamin playing with his cousins, Caleb and Isabelle at Aunt Melanie's house in Claudville.


first cereal

Tuesday the 7th. Benjamin is four months old and that means he is already big enough for his first bites of cereal.  He seemed to be pretty neutral about the whole thing.  Jackson was excited about it though.  We let him see the photos from his first cereal.  He made sure we found the same spoon he used.

grandma sue's house

Wednesday the 1st.  We arrived at Grandma Sue's on Tuesday,  a couple of days before her scheduled surgery.  I took this picture upstairs at Grandma's.  Sue's surgery went very well and she is recovering in the hospital this week.  We are all back in Mount Airy.  The boys will be very happy to find Grandma back at home the next time they visit.


Jackson's cousin, Lexi, spent the night at Grandma's with him Tuesday.  The next morning Jackson put on his Batman PJs, with cape, then waited with her at the curb for the school bus.  The last time he met the bus with Lexi he was Superman.