We love our family trips to the NC Zoo.  This page documents the visits we have made so far.

November 2016
With the sun shining and temps in the 70s, we made an impromptu trip to the zoo.  This was the first visit for Jackson and I in 6 years.  Ben and Amy have been more recently.  We ate lunch among falling leaves under a brilliant maple tree, then made our way through the park, starting in North America.  We found most of our highlights on the Africa side, although I liked the caped porcupines a lot and the otter was pretty playful.  Ben loved the chimps, the rhinos were cool and the lions majestic looking as they bathed in the sun.  The bears were all sleeping when we entered the park, so we hustled back to the polar bear exhibit on our way out.  Luckily one of the polar bears was up and walked past us, then came out of his cave to say goodbye.  It was a lot of fun.  If this was the last family trip for us to the zoo, it was a good one. 


April 2012
Amy joined Ben and his 2nd grade class for a fun field trip to the zoo.  Ben took the photos that he is not in.

October 2010
The boys both carried cameras and took almost 600 photos between them.  It was our first trip without a stroller and we found that the tram really allows you to cover a lot of ground quickly.  The aviary and the Sonora Desert exhibits were hits.  Another highlight was the chimp scuffle (Jackson and Ben were yelling Fight! Fight! after the chimps started screaming and chasing each other)


September 2007

January 2007

Our highlights this trip were the chimps, the new cougars, the red wolves, the red river hogs and the baby baboons.  This was our first trip using the family membership we received as a Christmas gift.  Amy had to work, but the boys and I enjoyed our beautiful 70 degree day at the zoo.  Jackson took 56 photos while Ben enjoyed reading the map while riding in the stroller.  We ate lunch while watching the bison and elk, then snacked next to the zebras and giraffes.   The aviary made it onto our list of stops this trip since we've skipped it on most trips.  On the walk back from Africa, Ben fell asleep in the stroller while Jackson pushed him.  Ben continued to sleep during the entire hour and a half ride home too and a little more once we got home.  The zoo really took a lot of the little guy.  Ben was as drawn to the non-animal exhibits as he was the ones with live animals.  He wanted to touch every display they had setup.  We had an awesome time, but really wished that Amy could have joined us.  It didn't seem right to take our zoo bench photo without her in it.

October 2005

It seems that we only go to the zoo on perfect eighty degree days.  Every trip starts with that same description.  It was Jackson's idea to go to the zoo today.  We had a wonderful trip.  The day started in Africa with a stop to see the rhinos and elephants.  We made it to all our favorite spots, including the Sonora Desert area that the boys like so much.  Of course Ben was just thrilled to be outside walking through the "woods."  He would almost have been as happy to just pick up leaves and sticks, even without seeing any animals.  And it wouldn't be a trip to the zoo if we didn't have to run the last mile from North America to Africa so that the boys could hit the gift shop before the gates closed.  Ben went to bed talking about the "monkeys and ellies".


May 2005

We had another perfect eighty degree day at the zoo.  We started in Africa, for a change, and the animals on that side were all out and active.  By the time we made it to the North America side it was pretty hot and most of the furry guys were napping in the shade or lounging in the pool like this Grizzly.  Although one particular puffin did put on an amazing show, diving deep, spinning in 360 turns, flying out of the water, then hopping across on his belly using his wings in a breast stroke.  Other highlights were the baby baboons taking piggy-back rides and the patas monkeys playing hide and seek.  The boys liked the lizards and snakes the best.  Ben called all the aquatic birds ducks, the zebras neigh-neighs, the bison cows, then dogs when he saw them up close.  For the chimpanzees he did his impersonation of a monkey.  Jackson really enjoyed the desert exhibit.  Amy and I liked the new Australia section because it was the first time we had seen kangaroos and wallabees. By the time we were ready to turn back both the boys were asleep in the stroller.  They slept for the entire mile or so back across the zoo, but Jackson was more than happy to wake up for some shopping at the zoo store.  He stocked up on dinosaurs and lizards.  The big score was finding stretchy lizards just like the worn out ones Ben has carried ever since my cousin from Wisconsin gave them to him at Christmas.  The only bad thing all day was that we lost Ben's cute little ball cap from the Bahamas.


November 2003

The Eads joined us on an absolutely beautiful 80 degree fall day.  The highlight this trip, other than the kids, was probably the rough housing grizzly bears.  Jackson loved it when one of the bears fell in the water.   Jackson's third trip to the zoo and Benjamin's first.



May 2002

We went to the zoo for Jackson's birthday.  Highlights this trip were the sea lions and the flamingos.  Jackson danced the flamenco for about 10 or 15 minutes for the flamingos.  Funny kid.  



October 2001

Jackson's first trip to the zoo.