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Indoor Soccer  May 2016
Jones School Hill February 2014

Surry Stars - Turkey Day Challenge November 2013
Ben playing basketball November 2013

Tubing Deep Creek  June 2013
Ben playing soccer  April 2013
Jackson's Pitching Debut - April 2012

Slip n Slide (97MBs) May 2011
Bullet Bill in action (5MBs) Feb 2011 - Ben's 1st Pinewood Derby race
Building Ben's 1st Pinewood Derby car (22MBs) Feb 2011
Ping Pong (7MBs) Feb 2011 - Jackson and Delane
Basketball Brothers (1MB) Jan 2011 - Ben and Jackson playing basketball before bedtime.
Basketball - Games 4,5 and 6 (19MBs) Jan 2011 - Jackson's 9-10 year old RCC team
Basketball - Game 3 (24MBs) Dec 2010 - Jackson's 9-10 year old RCC team
Basketball - Game 2 (11MBs) Dec 2010 - Jackson's 9-10 year old RCC team
Christmas Snow (3MBs) Dec 2010 - tubing with the Colemans the day after Christmas
Ice sledding (24MBs) Dec 2010

Santa's Holiday Hoe Down (42MBs) Dec 2010 - 5th Grade Cap Christmas Play
Tarzan (3MBs) Nov 2010
The Leaf Pile (8MBs) Nov 2010
Applejuice and Woo song (8MBs) Aug 2010 - Ben and Brett
2 Wheels (11MBs) Jul 2010 - Ben's first time without training wheels
Birthday Cake (3MBs) May 2010 - a song for Ben
Birthday Oatmeal (3MBs) May 2010 - a song for Jackson
Ben's Tooth (2MBs) Feb 2010 - Ben lost a tooth during dinner
Disney World (21MBs) Feb 2010 - our trip to Disney in under 10 minutes
Snow Spy (15MBs) Feb 2010 - a fun game we invented
Sledding (1MB) Feb 2010
The Santa Song (3MBs) Dec 2009

Anne Rachel walking (3MBs) Nov 2009
Visits with Anne Rachel (15MBs) Oct 2009
Ben's 1st Day of School (11MBs) Aug 2009
Dirt (8MBs) Jul 2009 - jumping in big piles of dirt
Bible School Sing-A-Long (7MBs) Jun 2009
Jesse's Graduation (1MB) Jun 2009
Brett and the monkey  (9MBs)  Mar 2009
Ben Wii Boxing (4MBs)  Jan 2009
Spelling Bee (8MBs) Dec 2008 - Jackson
5K  (16MBs) Oct 2008 - 5K on the Greenway
FloydFest (8MBs) Jul 2008 - Jack and Ben at FloydFest
Soul In The Bowl (2MBs) Jul 2008 - Ben and Delane jamming
BBall (2MBs) Jul 2008 - Jimmy and Jackson shooting ball
CrabCakes (5MBs) Jul 2008 - Jackson seal launching into the Dan
I Got Ya Baby (1MB) June 2008 - Ben catching a fish
Rolling 2008 (17MB) Feb 2008 - kayak rolling
Big Ben dropping the bomb (11MB) Jan 2008 - karate class
SRVCC at Jessups Mill (18MB) Dec 2007 - SRVCC paddling the Dan
Mystic - (15MB) Nov 2007 - Paddling on Lovills Creek Lake
Four Wheeling - Woof Woof (6MB) Nov 2007 - Ben riding on the farm
No Training Wheels (4MB) Nov 2007 - Jackson's 1st time on two wheels
Big Creek (12MB) Oct 2007 - Creek Paddling with SRVCC
Hold The Mayo (13MB) Oct 2007 - Park and Play on the Mayo with SRVCC
Championship Trophy Dance (1MB) Oct 2007 - Jackson dancing
The Funky Side (13MB) Aug 2007 - SRVCC at the USNWC
Kibler Valley River Run 2007 (10Mb) Jul07 - SRVCC in Kibler Valley
Kibler Valley (10Mb) Jun07 - SRVCC in Kibler Valley
Kayakers Ledge (3.3MB) Apr07 - SRVCC on the French Broad
Push It (8MB) Mar07 - Jackson scores 1st place in free style fighting
Nahaichi (3MB) Mar07 - Kata competition (2nd Place - 7.6, 7.6, 7.3)
C to C (7MB) Feb07 - kayak roll practice
Another One Bites The Dust (3MB) Feb07 - Jackson sparring and grappling
Rave (2.7MB) Nov06 - Ben dancing and drumming
O' Christmas Tree (3.5MB) Nov06
Pee Wee Karate (3MB) Nov06 - Ben's new karate class
Jessups Mill (3.4MB) Nov06 - kayaking on the Dan River
Fun In A Kayak (6MB) Sep06- kayaking in Kibler
Jeff's Launch (1MB) Sep06 - kayaking in Kibler
TPA Surfing (4MB) Jul06- kayaking in Kibler
Splits (1.5MB) Jul06 - Jackson jumps into a split
WokkaWokka (3MB) Jul06 - BenBen
Belly Flop (1.3MB) Jul06 - our nephew Jimmy
SRVCC (7.3MB) Jul06 - Smith River Valley Canoe Club surfing and playing
Lovill Creek (2.4MB) Jun06 - flash flood kayaking
Pressure Drop (4MB) Jun06 - Jackson swims the length of a pool and dives for the first time
Extreme Jesse (3.7MB) Jun06 - our nephew
AllStar (1.8MB) May06 - Jackson 3rd in Free-Style
TRL Baby! (2.0MB) May06 - Ben playing a drum
Bootleg (1.9MB) Apr06 - Jackson sliding his four-wheeler
Heel Flip (1.2MB) Mar06 - Wesley Skateboarding
Good Idea Dad (1.6MB) Feb06 - BenBen
Kick It (3MB) Feb06 - Jackson's Martial Arts
Last Man Standing (1.3MB) Jan06 - Jackson's Martial Arts
Risky Business (2.1MB) Jan06
Granite Falls (1.4MB) Dec05 - kayaking clip
Four On One (3.4MB) Nov05 - Jackson's Martial Arts
Ben's First Haircut (2.7MB) Nov05
Two On One (1.7MB) Oct05 - Jackson's Martial Arts
Cowboy Baby (1.5MB) Oct05 - BenBen
HipHop Dance Lessons (1.2MB) Oct05 - Jackson
The Rose (3.4MB) Sep05
Basic Form #1 (1.1MB) Sep05 - Jackson's Belt Test
Whoa, Daddy, Whoa (1.1MB) Sep05 - Ben running
Our Hero (2.5MB) Aug05 - Jackson's Martial Arts
Father's Day 2005 - Kibler Valley, VA (4MB) June05
Jackson shows off his Jedi levitation trick (1MB) May05
Scenes From April (6MB) Apr05 - landscapes
Paddling at Sunset on Belews Lake (1.5MB) Mar05 
Ben Colors His Egg  (1.8MB) Mar05
Paddle on the Dan including Coiled Cobra at Joyce's Mill (2.3MB) Feb05
Jackson Snowboarding  (1.5MB) Jan05
Paddling on Lovill's Creek Lake  (1.8MB) Jan05
December 2004 Paddle On The Dan In Kibler Valley (4.8MB) Dec04
November Paddling (5.4MB) Nov04 - Delane and Jeff on the Dan River
October Paddling (4.9MB) Oct04 - Delane and Jeff on the Dan River
The Soccer Ball (1.4MB) Oct04 - a movie about brothers
Andy Griffith's speech. (1.9MB)  Sep04
Jeff paddling the Dan  (1.2MB)  Sep04
Jackson's First Bike Ride (1.8MB)  Sep04
Ben's Trash Can Game (2.3MB)  Aug04
Bestest Friends (1MB) June04 - Benjamin and Landon Slideshow
POOL (400kb) June04 - Amy, Jackson, and Ben in the pool.
Walk of Life (1.8MB) Apr04  - Benjamin's first steps
 JohnnyBGood (2MB). Mar04 - Benjamin pushing his toy car
Superman (500kb). Mar04 - Our man of steel, Jackson running through the house.
A short Ben clip (1.4MB). Mar04 - Benjamin standing in his crib
Our little eight month old Benjamin standing all by himself (600KB). Feb04
Amos Moses (1MB). Feb04 - Jackson jamming in the car on his way home from school
Pilot Mountain (500KB). Feb03 - Two year old Jackson walking through the woods
Caleb walking and receive his diploma at Mayberry Learning Center's graduation ceremony (1MB).  May03.
GFlat Blues - A short blues video clip from July 1999 (nevermind the static)
Alone - A streaming strumming clip from July 1999 (just as much static)


Quicktime Movies:

Blind Grapple (6.5MB) July05

Straight Tripping - a little Jackson Quicktime movie clip.

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