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Anglin Mill Bridge to S-Turn

October 27, 2007

2.75 feet

Hold The Mayo (13MB) park and play video


Following a morning on Big Creek, Dale, Justin, Brad, Josh and myself hopped over to the Boiling Hole for some park and play action at a very nice 2.75 foot level.  Not long after arriving, Joel showed up and put-in with Justin at the hole.  Then, just as Dale, Brad, Josh and I started to head up for the bridge, an SRVCC crew running the North Fork popped over the horizon.  I shot some video and a few photos of everyone running through BH, then rushed to get in the water and join the fun.  We had a blast at the first wave below the bridge.  Dale surfed the river left wave and side surfed below the ledge.  Brad, Josh and myself spent a lot of time playing on river right.  When we finally started paddling downstream, the boiling hole's roar got a few butterflies going.  Brad and Josh aced their first ever run through the boiling hole.  I only paddled back into the hole twice with the second crack at it forcing me to roll.  At the S Turn, I ended up out of my boat after missing the line, then not being able to roll up or free myself from under the spillover.  But, it did give me the opportunity to take my all time favorite kayaking photo while standing in three feet of water with my kayak sinking in front of me as Josh ran the exact same line behind me.  Justin and Joel came over to play with us at the S Turn before everyone packed it in.  It was a full day and an awesome one.  The Mayo was at a great level and I'd love to catch it just like that again some day.