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The single most asked question here at Life In Mayberry is "Do you really live in Mayberry?"  The answer is yes... and no.  We live in Andy Griffith's North Carolina hometown.  Snappy Lunch, which is mentioned on The Andy Griffith Show, is still on Main Street with the same man grilling the pork chop sandwiches today that grilled them for Andy.   We have Floyd's barber shop, The Bluebird Diner, Barney's, Goober's, Wally's Service Station, Opie's Candy Store, etc... Almost everything in town has the name Mayberry in it rather than the real town's name.  Our neighboring town isn't Mount Pilot like it is on the show, it's Pilot Mountain.  You see where I'm going with this...  a lot of the show was based on our town and a lot of our town is now based on the show. 

The town is small, friendly, and a great place for our children to grow up, just like on the show.  Our boys know the postal clerk, the checkout ladies, the librarian, the firemen, and the little old man that volunteers both at the grocery store and as a crossing guard for the school.  The police officers give our boys badges when they see them and our mailman gives us a handwritten letter in his Christmas card.  Main Street is alive and well and is our favorite destination when out walking.  On Sunday mornings we like to walk to Main Street, usually stopping in at The Good Life for ice cream.  So even if we were not Mayberry, the website's name would still be a good one.

We are also in the birthplace of Old Time music, a dance driven form of mountain music with it's roots in Celtic fiddle tunes.  Tommy Jarrell (1866-1975), a world famous Old Time fiddle player lived here.  Bluegrass, a more modern derision of that music that focuses more on lead breaks and virtuoso also has roots here.  When I first moved here I couldn't have told you the difference between Old Time and Bluegrass, ten years later I can't see how the two could be confused.  This historical attachment to both stage and song lives on in Mayberry through the Andy Griffith Playhouse, the Downtown Cinema, our outdoor amphitheater, and numerous other outdoor and indoor venues along Main Street. 

The photos below that have crowds in them are from our two Fall street festivals, Mayberry Days and Autumn Leaves. 

galeria de fotografia

below are some of our photos of Mayberry


Photos from the Autumn Leaves Festival and from Mayberry Days




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