May 2004

Sunday the 30th.  Just a quiet day at home recovering from the party, playing with the new toys, and eating leftover pizza, cake, brownies, banana pudding, and whew, we had way too much food.

Saturday the 29th. Benjamin had a Blue's Clues First Birthday party at his house Saturday evening.  All of Ben's gifts were just perfect for him, especially the Krispy Kreme's the Beasleys gave him.  Benjamin completely smooshed his personal birthday cake between his fingers and loved his Blue's Clues ice cream cake.   I think everyone loved the ice cream cake. 


Friday the 28th. Here are some pictures from Benjamin's big day.  He sat facing forward for the first time, had his first b*th in a sink, opened presents, ate out, demolished his first birthday cake, and had an all around big first birthday.



Thursday the 27thHAPPY BIRTHDAY BENJAMIN!!!!  Jackson gave Benji his very first birthday present, a football.  Later in the morning Timmesa stopped by with another present, a bubble machine.  Both boys adore it and played with it outside after lunch.


Wednesday the 26th.  I took a ride into Virginia at lunch and got to see Caleb and his friends during their recess.  After a morning on the playground, Amy and the boys met Pam from Amy's office for lunch at McDonalds. 

We realized that Ben went his entire first year without a single b*th in the sink.  So Amy put some water in it for him to kick his feet in.  Benji was having so much fun splashing that Jackson had to join in.  And Jackson thought getting in the sink was just hilarious. 


Tuesday the 25th. Our little cutie pie now has six teeth.


Monday the 24th. Benjamin only has two more days of sitting backwards.  His seat gets turned around on Thursday when he turns one.

Amy and the boys went to the playground again this morning before it got very hot.  That makes Jackson's fifth or sixth trip to the playground since it opened.  It is so nice for them to have a nice place to play close by. 

Sunday the 23rd. Dinner Club at Tonya and Ken's house. 




Saturday the 22nd. We started the day enjoying the new playground.  Jackson made a new friend, Jarrick, and got to see his good friends Matthew and Samuel too.

Friday the 21st. Central Methodist had their End Of The Year Program.  Jackson and the other kids from the three year old class sang Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini and I Get Around.  Jackson did a fabulous job and was very proud.  Mo and Papa came to watch the program and took Jackson back to Claudville for the night.


Thursday the 20th.  Today was the last day of Jackson's school year.  So it is goodbye to Miss Caviness and the two day a week class (next year is three days a week).  It is unbelievable how fast the school year went.  It seems like it just started.  Jackson says "you can do anything you want during the summer, right?"  


Wednesday the 19th. Benjamin has been under the weather the past couple of days.  He woke up with a fever of 101 yesterday and has had it off and on since.  He feels good for an hour or so, then it wears off and the poor little guy just wants to lay against you and sleep.  So except for Jackson's pre-school yesterday, the boys have stayed close to the house.  Which is fine with Jackson because he is really into the computer right now.  Today he is playing games on the Lego website.

Tuesday the 18th.  Sunday was a busy day.  Not only did the new playground open, but my office had its annual picnic at the fairgrounds.  This was the first time we attended the picnic and we all had a very nice time.  Megan went with us and  shared the same favorite things with Jack and Ben; the cotton candy, the ice cream, and the music.  Unfortunately a thunderstorm cut the afternoon short just as Mandy's band was starting their second set, but Jackson enjoyed getting to finish his ice cream cone in the rain under his umbrella.

Monday the 17th. The Build A Dream playground project began major construction on Wednesday May12, 2004 and ended on Sunday May 16, 2004.  It is amazing what can be accomplished through the efforts of a hard working group of community volunteers.  I would like to thank Robyn Tumbarello, Heather Armstrong, and everyone else in the community that worked so hard to give our children such a wonderful place to play.  Jackson and Benjamin are going to have so much fun on the playground for years to come.


Click HERE to see all of our photographs from Opening Day and from the build.

Sunday the 16th.  Today was the fifth and final day of the playground build.  Amy and I took turns at the worksite yesterday and both enjoyed helping out very much.  The park opened for all the children to play in this evening and it was so much fun.  The finished product is unbelievable.  After all the hard work that the Build A Dream group of volunteers put into it, it was so much fun to see the playground packed with kids.  Here are a few pics from day four on the playground build.

Saturday the 15th.  Today is day four on the Build A Dream worksite.   It has been amazing to watch this project come to life.  And the fact that the workforce is comprised solely of community volunteers makes it even more amazing.  I can't wait to see the finished product tomorrow.              

Friday the 14th. Here are some pictures of Jackson playing this past week.  And one photo from the Build A Dream worksite last night.  If you haven't drove by yet, you need to.  Things are looking great.  And if you have any time at all, stop by and volunteer some of it.  There is plenty of work to go around for every skill level, from raking gravel to running the table saws.  PLENTY OF WORK. 


Thursday the 13th.  For the second year in a row Amy and Timmesa took both our boys and Samuel to pick fresh strawberries.  Going to the strawberry fields has turned into Amy's favorite Springtime ritual because they have so much fun.  This year Amy noticed that some of Jackson's berries were mushy.  Jackson told her "Mommy, I ate so many strawberries and couldn't eat anymore, so I had to start smushing them down so they would fit in the bucket."  I stopped by just as they were loading up and got to see two very red faced and very tired little boys.  We have already made a strawberry pie and Jackson has plans to make lots of his little shortcakes.  The berries were picked yesterday afternoon, so Amy and Ben were able to take some to Hama and Mo in Claudville this morning while Jackson was at school.  Click HERE to see pictures from both this year's berry picking and last year's.

Wednesday the 12th.  The boys spent their morning with Amy in Virginia at the house their great-grandmother, Vadie Vipperman Rogers, lived in.  Jackson wanted to ride his four wheeler and Nannie's yard gave him plenty of open territory.  And Amy wanted to give some of Nannie's beautiful irises a new home in Mount Airy.

Tuesday the 11th.  Jackson, Benjamin, and their friend Virginia all had a birthday party at Sherri's Little School in Hopewell, Va Sunday afternoon.  Jackson's birthday has been like Mardi Gras this year and just keeps going and going.  He loved his presents, Jimmy Neutron cake, and getting to play with his friends and cousins.


Monday the 10th. We are back home in Mount Airy!  Jackson was outside first thing trying out the new Spiderman scooter that Sherri, Wesley, and Jesse gave him.   Later, Amy took the boys to the walking trail where Jackson really broke the scooter in.

Sunday the 9th. Happy Mother's Day Amy!

Saturday the 8th. The boys have had a fantastic day in Colonial Heights visiting their Grandma Sue.  Jackson rode a big yellow school bus for the first time when he and I caught the shuttle to the Fort Clifton Festival.  Jackson entertained everyone at the music stage as he danced to every "rockin" song the band played.  He also danced with two rocking eighty year old ladies to some 50's tunes.   Beautiful weather and just a lot of fun.  Later, Jimmy and Nicole stopped by and we had fun playing soccer in the front yard.

Friday the 7th.  Here are some pics from an evening spent in Claudville at Mo and Papa's house

And some pics from Ben and Jack's afternoon of finger painting with Mom.




Thursday the 6th.  It has been a long time since we have posted a pet photo.  This is Emma.  Emma is really a dog's dog, except for the very ladylike way she likes to lay her paws.  She is also the most photogenic of our puppies.  Poor Cassie is just too dark, I don't think we will ever have a good picture of her.  Click the paw to see our other pets.

Wednesday the 5th.  Mike, Brooke, and Landon stopped by for a visit Tuesday evening.  It is always nice to see the Joyce bunch, especially now that Benjamin and Landon can play together.  It also gave Jackson and I another chance to work together on the fine art of grillin and chillin. 



Tuesday the 4th.  Jackson continued his birthday celebration with a party at school.

Monday the 3rd.  Happy Birthday Jackson!!  Everybody stayed home and played inside since it is so cold and gray outside.  Jackson grilled on the back porch on his new grill while I grilled on mine.  He also spent lots of time playing with his new pirate ship, pose-able Spiderman , Speedstars, his first transformer, and all his other cool new toys.


Sunday the 2nd. Jackson celebrated turning four a day early with a party at Chuck E Cheese and had an absolute wonderful time.  He was so happy that so many of his friends and family made it there to play with him.   Benjamin had a good time too and especially liked riding in the Clifford car and the Bob the Builder Scoop.

Click here to see all the pics from Jackson's party and photos from his past birthday parties too.


Saturday the 1st.  Well, May is here and by the end of this month we will have a four year old and a one year old.  I can't believe how fast the last twelve months went by.