May 2003

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Baby Benjamin



Going Home

2003_05_29_Benjamin_GoingHome01_web.jpg (135652 bytes)2003_05_29_Benjamin_Getting_In_Van01_web.jpg (100772 bytes)5/29/03 Here we are finally on our way out the door, Thursday night around 9:00pm.  Benjamin had to stay in the hospital a minimum of 48 hours.  We didn't want to stay a minute longer, so it was off to Mount Airy and to big brother.

5/28/03 Jackson was very happy to meet "Babbity" (pronounced Babe-it-E) the morning after he was born.  He was a little disappointed that he couldn't hold him in the NICU, but he came back the next day to get plenty of one on one time with little brother 

Benjamin Arrives

          5/27/03 Tuesday the 27th was pretty exciting.  We went to Amy's scheduled 38 week doctor's appointment.  She was 5 centimeters dilated (we were at the hospital for two days before we got that far with Jackson), so they sent us straight to the hospital.  We had to get Jackson's Papa to come pick him up, we didn't have the bags packed, the van's gas tank was empty.  We were completely frantic.  6 hours after we arrived, Benjamin was with us.  Amy could have pushed him out with the first push, but they made her stop to get the doctor.  It only took two more pushes (I think it took about 3 thousand for Jackson to make his way into the world).  So I guess they are right, it is never the same thing twice.  


Strawberry Fields


Jackson spends part of his time as Clark Kent and part of the time as Superman.





2003_05_14_Jackson_Zorro01_web..jpg (246771 bytes)5/14/03.   Yes, a boy and his dog.  We now take one of the dogs with us on most adventure walks.  Today it was Zorro's turn. 


Kite Flying

2003_05_12_Jackson_flying_kite01_web.jpg (194730 bytes) 5/12/2003. When I got home for lunch today, Amy and Jackson were ready to have a picnic outside.  It was so nice and windy that I dug our beach kite out of the closet.  We couldn't find the string, so Jackson had to improvise with his Snoopy fishing pole.  It worked pretty good, but it also gave us the kite flying bug.  So when I got home later that evening we bought some kite string and an extra Justice League kite at the store, picked up our friend Matthew and his kite, then headed to Veterans Park to really do some flying.  Or as Matthew put it, "get Monster Air."  We had a blast and the boys enjoyed running all over the place. 



2003_05_11_Jackson_painting_nursery01_web.jpg (84200 bytes)2003_05_11_Jackson_painting_nursery02_web.jpg (72650 bytes)2003_05_11_Jackson_painting_nursery05_web.jpg (86893 bytes)5/11/2003. We painted over the bugs from Jackson's nursery so that things would be nice and new for Benjamin.  Jackson wanted to help and did a fantastic job.  I don't think I will do any special painting on the walls this time, but Timmesa has made a wonderful Baby Animals blanket for Benjamin.  


2003_05_10_Jackson_Swing05_web.jpg (123851 bytes)2003_05_10_Jackson_SeeSaw01_web.jpg (77333 bytes)5/10/2003.   Jackson wanted to spend some time at the park this afternoon, so we obliged.   The elementary school is right next door, which makes the playground nice and convenient.  It was a hot Saturday evening though and Jackson's sweaty little legs would stick to the slide and he wouldn't go anywhere.  So he used Daddy's shirt to get a little momentum going. Then Jackson, Mommy, and Benjamin teamed up against me on the See Saw.

    2003_05_10_Jackson_Daddys_Shirt_on_Big_Slide01_web.jpg (74672 bytes)     2003_05_10_Jackson_SeeSaw_Mommy02_web.jpg (79337 bytes)

2003_05_10_Jackson_helping_01_web.jpg (106481 bytes)5/10/2003.   It doesn't take a lot of arm twisting to get Jackson to help out with the water hose.  He cleaned off the driveway,  helped us spray off the cars and didn't even mind spraying the dogs for me when we gave them their baths.  Alright, we might have ended up a little wet before it was all over with, but isn't that the fun part?



Jackson_2003_05_09FireEngine_Carnival03_web.jpg (149875 bytes)5/9/2003.  Jackson and I met Caleb, Isabelle, Melanie and Papa at the carnival.  All the kids enjoyed the rides, especially Izzy.  Jackson said his favorite was the "rollercoaster" (FerrisWheel).  He likes the view from the top.  He could see the "hill where we live" and the "hill where Matthew lives."



Click here to watch Caleb walk and receive his diploma at Mayberry Learning Center's graduation ceremony.  May 18, 2003.

Birthday Party

Jackson_2003_05_03_Party01_web.jpg (124662 bytes)Jackson_2003_05_04_Skateboard01_web.jpg (85411 bytes)5/3/2003.  Jackson's Birthday.  We managed to get the entire party in before the thunderstorms and hail Saturday, but you may notice the steamroller going down the road in the picture to the left.  You might also notice Sharon having to hike down the road next to it.  Yes, the City said they didn't work on weekends, but since it was Jackson's party they would make an exception.  They were nice enough to pave our entire road during Jackson's birthday party.  On the bright side, we didn't have to worry about traffic, just steamrollers, and Jackson now has a nice smooth road to ride his skateboard on.

Deana_and_Sharon_2003_05_03_web.jpg (81255 bytes) Jackson_2003_05_03_Jumping2Jeff01_web.jpg (77938 bytes) Jackson_2003_05_03_PartyGroup01_web.jpg (69093 bytes) Papa_Izzy_2003_05_03_web.jpg (109918 bytes)

Jackson_2003_05_03_Party03_web.jpg (205557 bytes)Jackson said his favorite part of the party was the piņata.  Here he is enjoying some of the spoils.  Below is a group shot taken a split second after Matthew was accidentally poked in the eye.  And a picture of Papa and Isabelle.

         Jackson had a Spiderman birthday party.  Here are some pictures from the "Web the bad guys" game.

 Jackson_2003_05_03_WebGame01_web.jpg (196290 bytes) Jackson_2003_05_03_WebGame03_web.jpg (222004 bytes) Party_2003_05_03_web.jpg (254635 bytes)

Jackson_2003_05_04_Sand_and_Water02_web.jpg (134810 bytes)5/04/2003.  Jackson is playing with the Sand and Water table Jeff, Timmesa and Grandma Sue got him while the new Buzz Mo and Papa got him rides in his backpack.   


Jackson_2003_05_01_RescueHeroe01_web.jpg (112161 bytes)Jackson_2003_05_01_RescueHeroe04_web.jpg (39708 bytes)Jackson_2003_05_01_RescueHeroe07_web.jpg (54031 bytes)Jackson_2003_05_01_RescueHeroe09_web.jpg (49534 bytes)5/1/03.  Mary Beth and Stanley sent Jackson a box full of Rescue Hero gear for his birthday.  He loves his toys, so he truly appreciates gifts he is given.  Each piece had to be pulled out and admired before he would get something else out.  He now says he has everything you need to be a real Rescue Hero.

Nolan, Christy, and Salem gave Jackson a bucket with SpiderMan, Batman, and a Rescue Hero in it the day before.  So it has been a good couple of days for Jackson.


Jackson_2003_05_01_launch02_web.jpg (113403 bytes)5/1/03.   Jackson jumping over the crocodiles in our living room floor during one of his last days as a two year old.

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