May 2002

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Jackson24mo_new_Swimming_Pool_web.jpg (131737 bytes)Jackson has had a great month.  He goes swimming two nights a week, to the library once a week.  He has been to the zoo (pics below), had two big birthday parties(pics below), been to Jimmy's birthday party, had play-dates with Conor, Samuel, Matthew, Megan, Walter Scott, Virginia, and all his cousins.  He went to Bethel with Mo on Mother's Day (picture below).  He loves playing in his sandbox and swimming pool he got for his birthday. 




May 5, 2002


Jackson24mo_sleeping_web.jpg (41839 bytes)Our sleeping two year old on his birthday.  They still look like babies when they are sleeping don't they? 5/3/02.


We went to the NC Zoo in Ashboro for Jackson's birthday.  Highlights this trip were the sea lions.   and the flamingos.  Jackson danced the flamenco for about 10 or 15 minutes for the flamingos.  Funny kid.  


Jackson23mo_cheese_web.jpg (64656 bytes)    Jackson23mo_cake_web.jpg (60246 bytes)