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Wednesday, March 31st, 2010.  Today's photo is of Ben and his friends at last weekend's MAJWC Easter egg hunt.  Ben will have two more egg hunts on Saturday and two on Sunday!

Monday, March 29th, 2010.  So few posts this month.  We have just been so busy, busy, busy.  For one thing, and I hope I'm not jinxing anything, we possibly could be moving from our current little yellow house to a slightly larger little yellow house on the other side of town at the end of next month.  We are all, with the exception of Ben, torn on this.  We all agree that we need more space, yet it's hard to say goodbye to a place that has meant so much to us.  All those memories, like Amy and I moving in just months after we were married, adopting the puppies, trying to teach them to not destroy the house, bringing the boys home from the hospital, watching them grow and learn to walk, planting Amy's Mother's Day Tree in the front yard.  Just a lot of great memories.  Ben simply wants a bigger house, so he is the most excited to move.  Jackson, well, he will probably miss the old house the most.  This is the kid that talked to the old bathroom floor after we put a new one on top of it.  He is not a fan of change.  He will miss his old bedroom, the one that at one time belonged to Amy and I.  We decided when he was a toddler that it would be easier to give him the room than to try and move him out of it.  He is upset that we potentially could be between houses on his birthday.  The new house will have a great room downstairs for he and his friends to play in though.  His favorite teacher of all time lives just across the street.  And he talked the owners into leaving their foosball table.  So I think we will all be happy in our new home, even if we are sad to say goodbye to the old one.  We are just keeping our fingers crossed that everything goes as planned.  There is quite a domino effect involved, with a very nice, young couple purchasing our house, us purchasing a house from a very nice, couple and that couple finding a new place for their family to live.

Besides all that, Tee Ball practice has been going great, other than the weather playing havoc with our schedule.  We have just an excellent group of kids.  Following Tee Ball practice on Saturday morning, we worked on the yard and went for a walk, Ben and Amy attended the MAJWC Easter Egg Hunt on Sunday, Jackson and I hit the pool, we celebrated our 12th Wedding Anniversary at the house, which Ben was excited about.  He was surprised that he would get to take part in it this year.   While Amy and Jackson napped Saturday afternoon (Amy ran 8 miles that morning), Ben helped me grocery shop for our anniversary dinner.  He picked out the salad ingredients, the bread and the type of cake we would make.  When Ben helps me on projects, I call him my wingman.

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010.  Today's photo is of our little friend Anne Rachel. 

I am coaching Ben's tee-ball team this year and so far it has been a lot of fun.  The fact that Ben thinks it is a really big deal makes it even more rewarding.  On Thursday, both Amy and Jackson helped as well, which makes it a bit of a family affair.  Jackson is more excited about helping coach than he is playing his about playing his own soccer season.  Although I am watching him practice as I type and the kid is rocking out there as a defensive midfielder.  No one is getting past him.  What both boys have been the most excited about lately however is the gym.  We joined our local community center earlier this month and, if it was up to either of the boys, we would be there every single night.  If they finish their homework before dinner, then we try to squeeze in some time at the gym before bed.  Their first choice is to shoot basketball, but if the courts are closed, we go swimming.  Ben adores to do both, Jackson really only likes to shoot basketball.  He also likes the kid's gym, where he hits the treadmill hard.  He ran 1.7 miles on it one evening.    Last night we went straight from Jackson's soccer practice to the gym.  He changed from cleats to basketball shoes on the way.  Amy is training for an upcoming half marathon.  She ran ten miles on Sunday.  I went kayaking a little later in the day.  So we have been an active bunch lately, and that doesn't even include all the yard work and projects around the house.

Ben and Amy are currently at kindergarten curriculum night.  We look forward to taking my sister Deana out to dinner for her birthday tomorrow night, then it's tee-ball on Thursday.  And on Sunday Amy and I celebrate our 12th years of marriage!  It's a wonderful and busy time of year.

Monday, March 22nd, 2010.  On Saint Patrick's Day, Amy and her Mount Airy Junior Women's Club held a great event at our friends Sue and Timmesa's store, Creative Sewing.  They turned old pants into re-usable shopping bags.  The title of the project was Sew Easy To Be Green.  Pretty clever huh? 

Sunday, March 14th, 2010.  Ben spent the night with his Aunt Deana and Uncle Martin, Jackson had his friend Ryan over for the night, Amy ran 12 miles at Salem Lake (without anything to drink due to logistical problem), Amy made chicken pies with the girls from Junior Women's Club, I went to Damascus to paddle Whitetop Laurel (water was too high and we only paddled a short section), we visited my parents and my grandmother.  That was the weekend.  Oh yeah, while watching the boys for us on Saturday morning, my dad tied a string to Ben's little wobbly front tooth and jerked it out.  My grandmother asked Ben today if he was going to get Papa to pull his next loose tooth.  Ben said "I'd rather hit it with a hammer."

Monday, March 8th, 2010.  The grass isn't green yet, but the air was certainly warm enough on Sunday for a day at the park.  We played basketball, soccer, baseball, played at the playground, went swimming at the gym, grilled steaks and watched a movie together.  Great family day.  And Amy did all that after running ten miles that morning. 

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010.  Dr. Seuss's birthday is always a big day in our house.  This year Ben was super excited about celebrating at his school.  And even though our own boys are now in school, Amy was still able to participate in the library's festivities by taking  little Anne Rachel.  They then joined Anne Rachel's mom Christie for lunch.  That was around the time it started snowing.  Yes, it is snowing again.  As if the day wasn't already exciting enough for Ben, he got to get out of school early because of the weather.  I've actually lost count of how many times it has snowed this year.  It snowed in December, January, February and now in March.  What a Winter!  Now the boys will always be able to say "back when I was a kid, it snowed all the time.  Why I remember one year when it snowed more times that we could count!"