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March 2003

Jackson_2003_03_25_SuperMan_Sandbox03_web.jpg (117177 bytes)3/26/2003.  Jackson has been really big into Batman, Robin, Superman, and Spiderman this month.   Grandma Sue bought him Superman (including the red cape) and SpiderMan pajamas.  We only manage to get the Superman PJs off log enough to wash, then they go right back on.  He has worn them to Southpark  Mall, Emma Davis' Birthday Party, friends' houses, you name it. The appeal to the Superman S and cape is the attention of course.  He fully expects everyone, including complete strangers, to give Superman the attention a super hero deserves .   At least we don't have to worry about loosing him.  I am pretty sure he is the only kid with glasses running around with a red cape flowing behind him.  And then there is the Spiderman costume his cousin Jesse let him have.  The only time the Superman duds come off is so he can transform into Spidey for awhile.

 Papa's Farm

Jackson_2003_03_Papa_walking01_web.jpg (142456 bytes)3/9/2003. We drove to Claudville this afternoon and met Papa on his farm.   Jackson had a new calf born that he wanted to meet.  We took a walk to the pond and saw some Canadian Geese that were laying over for the night.  Jackson got to throw lots of sticks in the water.  He collected them on the way to the pond, so that by the time we got there he was carrying about two more than his arms would hold.  It was a nice weekend all the way around and great to get to spend some time outside for a change.  Jackson_2003_03_Papa_44_01_web.jpg (233369 bytes)We followed the farm with a stop at Hama's to eat supper.  Always a treat...Chicken & Dumplings, mashed potatoes, corn, green beans, barbecue, cornbread, pintos, broccoli, strawberry cobbler, and more.  Anyone who has ate at my Hama's knows whey the Chicken & Dumplings are in capital letters.  Jackson ate three plates full of mashed potatoes in front of the TV ( watching Robinhood).  He missed his nap because we went to a birthday party ealier in the day and was so tired that his arm slipped off the ottoman and his face went right into his plate of corn and mashed potatoes.  We then finished off the day by visiting at Mo's house.   

Jackson_2003_03_Papa_Mom_calf01_web.jpg (120278 bytes)Amy grew up in the city, so she enjoys getting a chance to pet the baby cows too.


Jackson_2003_03_BenandJackscalfs01_web.jpg (217679 bytes)The white calf is Jackson's new one and the brown calf is Benjamin's first.   Papa gave Jackson a calf when he was born and now she has grown up and had her first baby.   We came over to the farm so Jackson could meet her.  Papa gave Benjamin his calf a little early because one was born right after we found out Benjamin was going to be a boy. 


This past Saturday was so beautiful we decided to spend the day walking around town.  Jackson's friend Megan joined us for our little tour of Mayberry that included a stop in front of Wally's Service station, lunch at the BlueBird Diner, and visits to the train store, book store, and pet store.  We took breaks on the park benches and Jackson took his first stab at tree climbing.  Actually we took lots of breaks because Jackson would run ahead and yell "I'm winning the race!" for about twenty feet, then stop and sit down on the curb and say "I think I need to take a little break."  We stopped in to say hi to Megan's grandparents and mom at Creative Sewing.  Then capped off the day with a beach party in the driveway.   We are really looking forward to Spring, Winter has seemed to last for a very long time this year. 3/8/03

    Jackson_2003_03_Megan_Amy_snack01_web.jpg (134000 bytes)     Jackson_2003_03_Megan_Amy_snack03_web.jpg (175068 bytes)     Jackson_2003_03_Megan_Amy_sand02_web.jpg (125246 bytes)

Jackson_2003_03_BathHair03_web.jpg (88899 bytes)  Jackson_2003_03_Asleep01_web.jpg (96081 bytes)


Jackson_2003_03_Treehouse03_web.jpg (100869 bytes)Jackson_2003_03_Treehouse_chalk_drawing01_web.jpg (84908 bytes)Jackson and I began building a treehouse last fall.  It is finally getting warm enough to start playing in it some and to finish our work on it.  I am picturing Jackson and Benjamin turning it into a good old fasioned secret clubhouse one day.  The night I took these pictures Jackson was drawing on his toolbench's chalkboard.  He drew the same scene about 20 times.  A plane, either headed toward a mountain, a tree, or the ground, and some combination of Superman, Batman, Robin, Spiderman, and Wonder Woman saving it.  He did throw Stuart Little in to the mix once though.  3/5/2003.

     Jackson_2003_03_Treehouse_chalk_drawing02_web.jpg (141428 bytes)     Jackson_2003_03_Treehouse02_web.jpg (81100 bytes)

Jackson spent one of his weekend mornings this month building boats.   And of course the best part of that is seeing if they can float and then seeing if you can sink them.

Jackson_2003_03_Homemade_and_MegaBlock_Boat03_web.jpg (81357 bytes)     Jackson_2003_03_Homemade_Boat02_web.jpg (53904 bytes)