Jackson's Basketball Page
MAHS Varsity

Coach - Levi Goins
26-7 record

3/4/17 - A heartbreaker of a loss in the Western Finals against Lincoln Charter.  The Bears led by 4 after one quarter, by 8 at the break and by 11 halfway through the 3rd quarter.  Up until that point, the Bears could not have played better basketball game.  But a series of small things slowly chipped away at the lead until it was only 3 going into the 4th quarter.  Will, Donovan and Jackson Smith all had 4 fouls and could tightly defend players driving to the basket, which gave the opposing team easier points.  But they were still in it till the end.  We were down 1 with less than half a minute to play when Lincoln turned the ball over. Harrison passed it to Caleb who was driving up the court.  I was positive that Lincoln would foul him before he made it to the basket and that we would win a the free throw line, but three players met him at halfcourt and stole the ball.  We fouled quickly and were down 3 with 5 seconds left.  Caleb made it up the court and had time to pull up for a very make-able 3 pointer when a Lincoln player pulled his arm down mid-shot.  The Newspaper ran a great photo of the blatant foul, but the refs did not blow their whistle and the game was over.  This one hurt, I thought the Bears were the better team.  It was a great season and we enjoyed watching Jackson and the Bears play.  Alan and Charla drove all the way from Colonial Heights to watch the game and enjoyed getting to see our talented Bears play.

3/2/17 - Four area teams are in the state semi-finals, which is unprecedented.  The four teams came together for a quick photo op to document the event.

2/28/17 - A big road win over Avery County puts the Bears in the Western Finals, the final four of the State Playoff!

2/25/17 - An exciting, well-executed win over Albemarle in the 3rd round.  The gym was packed.  Papa, Izzy and Eric all came to watch the game.  They were tied after one quarter, but the Bears scored 28 points in the second quarter.  Albemarle in contrast only had 27 total points at the break.  The great photos of Jackson below are courtesy of Jason O and Catrina A.

2/23/17- A 2nd round State Playoff win over Pine Lake Prep.  The Bears are on a roll and thanks to another upset, they get to continue their home stand with one more game. 

2/21/17- Jackson hit a really nice shot near the end of Mt Airy's win over Cherryville in the opening round of the State Playoff. It reminded me a lot of a shot he made all the time at RCC.  Unbeknownst to him though, he was bleeding as a result of an elbow he took to the head while rebounding.  Because of the blood he had to come out of the game and finished on the bench.

2/17/17 - W-S Prep beat Mt Airy in the Championship game.  The girls team won the conference though with a win over Atkins.

The Bears beat Biship-McGuinness in the 2nd round, which is good because they are my least favorite team.
2/13/17 - A win over North Stokes in the first round of the NCHSAA NorthWest 1A Conference Tournament. 

The Bears ended the regular season ranked #3 in the state with a record of 19-5.  Their only losses were twice to #1 ranked W-S Prep, twice to 2A North Surry and once to 3A North Forsyth.  They finished 2nd in the conference behind W-S Prep.

2/9/17 - Win over Atkins. We did not get to travel to this game as it was on the same night as Ben's championship rec game, so thanks to our friend Catrina for sharing photos from the game.

- Win over Elkin.

1/31/17 - Jackson got in the game against North Stokes with just enough time to knock down a 3 pointer, which earned him a mention in the local paper. 

1/24/17 - loss to W-S Prep. (photos courtesy of Catrina)

1/4/17 - 74-47 win over Starmount.  Jackson saw his most extensive time on the court and knocked down his first ever varsity basket.  I thought he played great, both defensively and offensively. 

1/3/17 - a narrow loss to W-S Prep.
12/28/16 - The Bears won the Frank-Spencer Holiday Classic's Pepsi bracket by beating Parkdale.  The team played a 7 man rotation, so Jackson did not see the court, but it was still a great experience to play games at the home of Wake Forest basketball.

12/27/16 - a double-overtime buzzer beater win over Reagan.

12/26/16 - a win over Glenn to open the Frank Spencer.
12/23/16 - a win over Reagan in the SouthData Classic
12/22/16 - a loss to North Forsyth in a game played at Walkertown.
12/16/16 - Win overNorth Stokes.

12/14/16 - loss to North Surry.
12/13/16. win over Walkertown to open the season. Jackson's first basketball game as a Mt Airy Bear.

11/15/16 - scrimmage versus East Wilkes. The score was reset after each quarter, but Mt Airy was very dominant.  Jackson had three or four steals.


11/12/16 - scrimmage at High Point Andrews. The team lost two close games and won one by thirty.

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