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June 2004

Wednesday the 30th.   Time to break out the baby gate.  Benjamin learned how to climb his first step tonight.  And then immediately went up eleven more.  The boys made pizzas for lunch at a friend's house, then Jackson had another night of swimming lessons.         

Tuesday the 29th. Benjamin went to see Doctor Gale today because we thought he might have an ear infection to go along with all the new teeth coming in.  He hasn't been sleeping very well at all.  He received a clean bill of health though, perfectly healthy.

We celebrated Hama's 85th birthday at Sagebrush in Mount Airy.  Click HERE to see last years big celebration and click HERE to see photographs of Hama from the Heath/Stanley Photo Album.


Monday the 28th. Brooke and Landon visited today.  After lunch, everyone went to the playground.


Sunday the 27thDinner Club was a lot of fun.  Good food and good friends.  It was fun to see Landon cruising and Anita just three weeks shy of her due date. ( MORE PHOTOS )


Saturday the 26th. Alan, Jimmy, Nicole, and Lexi all returned home to Colonial Heights this morning.  The house won't seem the same without Jimmy around.  The boys spent the entire day at home in their pajamas while mom and dad took care of projects around the house.

Friday the 25th.  We had a fantastic time at the Arts Alive finale last night.  Jackson loved riding his scooter in the parade with lots of friends and family.  Jimmy was picked from the crowd to play the robber in The Bremen Town Musicians sketch we were watching.  And after the children put on a musical melody called "Up, Up, and Away", our new friend Tareka Smith gave Jackson a van full of balloons to take home.  Today everyone, except myself, drove to Bluefield, West Virginia to visit Jerry Ann and Charlie Miles.                               

Thursday the 24th. Samuel came over this morning to play, then Caleb came over after lunch to play for awhile.  Then this evening, the Arts Alive Camp had a parade down Main Street, followed by a show at The Andy Griffith Playhouse.  The show included Jackson, Megan, Matthew, Samuel, Jimmy and Caleb.  And after the show, Jimmy's dad Alan, sister Nicole, and cousin Lexi all arrived from out of town.  ( MORE PHOTOS )


Wednesday the 23rd.  Papa had an accident today with a knife while working on a truck in Meadows of Dan, VA.  He cut an artery in his arm and had to go by ambulance to the hospital in Stuart.  Luckily he was able to slow the bleeding with his thumb while riding to meet the ambulance.  Then once at the hospital, a surgeon was able to suture the artery and sew up his arm, so he should be as good as new in a few days.  Before we found out about the accident,  Amy, Jackson, and Jimmy were at the movies, and Benjamin was spending time with Timmesa and Sam at their house.

Tuesday the 22nd.  Amy and the boys went to the library this morning and did some shopping.  Then Caleb came over after Arts Alive camp to play with the boys.  They played computer games, had a water balloon fight, and cranked up the sprinkler to beat the heat.  I took the landscape picture in Fancy Gap, Virginia while riding my motorcycle home this evening. 

Sunday the 20th and Monday the 21st.  Amy, Jackson, Benjamin, Jimmy, Emma and I all went on a camping/fishing trip for Father's Day.  We roasted hotdogs and marshmallows, made s'mores, fished, hiked, told ghost stories, and sang campfire songs.  Papa helped us carry our gear in and then returned with Caleb for a little while after dinner.  The trip was a big success, even for Jimmy and Benjamin who were spending their first night out in the wilderness.  ( more photos )


Saturday the 19th. Just a regular fun day around the house today.  Tonight we took Papa to Kyoto's for a Father's Day dinner.  The picture of Ben and the lemon are in the order that I took them.  He would lick the lemon, make the face, then laugh and do it again.  The boys helped me setup the tent just before bedtime as a trial run.  Tomorrow we go camping out in the woods for real.  Hope the fish are biting...


Friday the 18th.  Amy and the boys went to Main Street this afternoon where Jimmy shot hoops at C&Ds.  They also made stops at The Good Life for ice cream, Mr. Mike's train store (Ben loved it), and a store where Jimmy was able to play Yu-Gi-Oh.  And while they were doing all that I logged about 220 miles on the bike riding to Hickory, NC and back.  Later in the evening Jimmy, Jackson, and I visited Mike and Jennifer Heath in Stuart, VA.

Thursday the 17th.  When Jackson saw Jimmy's rock climbing photo he wanted to know why I hadn't put him in a rock climbing picture.  So when he dressed up in his knight costume, I told him I would try to put him in real knight scene.  He asked that a dragon be in it, so this is what I came up with.  We have have recently read a couple of my favorite books as a boy, Sir Toby Jingle's Beastly Journey and A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court

Jimmy faired very well today, even though his burn has turned into a big blister.  Today was the last day of Arts Alive and he volunteered again.  I drove by and saw him and a new friend helping out with the water balloon fight.  I can't wait to see Jackson in the Arts Alive parade down Main Street and the final show at the Andy Griffith Playhouse next Thursday night.  After dinner, Jimmy and Amy went to the Downtown Cinema for the 7pm show and saw the original Freaky Friday.

Wednesday the 16th.  Jackson had another fun day at Arts Alive camp where Jimmy was apparently the target for about 20-30 three and four year olds armed with water balloons.  The sun came out this afternoon for the first time this week, so Amy took the boys to the pool at Homeplace.  Papa took Jackson to his eight o'clock swim class, Mo visited with Amy and Ben, and Jimmy and I went for a late evening bike ride.   Jimmy enjoyed the ride through the foothills very much, but unfortunately burned his leg on the pipes while getting off the bike.

Tuesday the 15th.  Jimmy volunteered again this morning at Arts Alive and Jackson said "Daddy, I had a MUCH better day than I had the first day!"  I think he really is having a good time and I hear that Jimmy is doing a great job helping out the teachers.  Jimmy borrowed a camera last night and took this excellent picture of Ben getting a bath in the sink (the lizard is not real). 

This afternoon Amy sent a photo of dessert to me at the office.   Boy does she know how to make the clock stop in its tracks.

Monday the 14th.  Jackson has Arts Alive camp this week.  Amy, Ben, and Jimmy planned on dropping Jackson off this morning, but Jackson wouldn't let them leave.  So Jimmy worked as a volunteer while Amy waited with Benjamin.  After supper everyone went to the playground, then while Jackson went to swimming class, Jimmy, Benjamin, and I shot hoops.

Sunday the 13th. Jackson spent the morning racing scooters and playing games with Grandma Sue's neighbor Amaris Correll.   The boys' cousin Jimmy came back with us to spend a week or two in Mayberry.   We are very happy to have him with us.   Our hope is that a couple more of Jackson and Benjamin's cousins will get to spend time with them this summer.  We got back late in the evening, but still had just enough time to hit the playground before calling it a night.


Saturday the 12th.  We drove through the worst electrical storm we have ever seen on our way to Colonial Heights last night.  The lightning was actually blinding.  So of course the playground at Tussing Elementary was under water, but that just made it more fun.  Jackson said "This school has swamps!" And after that we went to Jimmy's house for his nine year old birthday party. (more pics)


Friday the 11th. Amy is doing a great job of keeping the boys out of the house and having fun.  Yesterday they went to Chuck E Cheese in Winston-Salem and today they went to the pool at Homeplace.  Click HERE to see a MOVIE  of Amy, Ben, and Jackson in the pool.   I am very jealous that I didn't get to go swimming too, but Eric and I did get to ride the bikes some at lunch.


Thursday the 10th.  I took this photo on my way to Hickory this morning.  This wayward cow caused quite a lot of chaos on I-40.  (The Hickory Daily Record ran this pic on the 12th.)

Wednesday the 9th. Amy took the boys to the Downtown Cinema this morning to see An Extremely Goofy Movie and then to the Eads' house for a play date.


Tuesday the 8th.  I was home from the office this morning and tagged along with Amy and the kids for a walk to the library.  On the way we saw and spoke to lots of nice people who were either enjoying the morning from their porch or working in their yards.  One very nice lady, who was heading out for a walk to the drug store, came off her porch to see the boys.  I would have guessed that she was in her late 70s, so we were amazed to find out that she is 95 years old.  She told us about her swimming, walking, and exercise regimen (she learned how to swim for the first time at 79!).  And told us how important it is to eat healthy and to not smoke (She said that smoking takes 13 years off your life).  She has lived on Spring Street for 63 years and thinks we live in a very nice neighborhood (never had a bit of trouble.)  Amy and I agree with her.

We also saw a group of police officers in front of the Police Department on our walk to the library and Jackson yelled "Good Morning Police Officers!".  Officer Ronald crossed the street to shake Jackson's hand and to give him a badge making him an honorary officer.  Our friends, the Eads, were at the library when we got there and we all had fun reading stories with the kids.  After the library, Matthew walked home with Jackson to eat pizza and play.

Monday the 7th.  Benjamin had a follow-up one year doctor's visit today and got a whole bunch of shots that made him cry.  Tonight Jackson went to the first night of his four year old swimming lessons.  He is lucky enough to have Miss Allison again for an instructor.  She taught Jackson's two year old swimming class and he liked her very much..


Sunday the 6th. The boys had a play date with the Eads at home, while I rode my bike in the Elk's Lodge poker run fundraiser for Brenner Children's Hospital.  While playing in his Spiderman costume, Jackson fell into the coffee table and busted his bottom lip.  He was fine by the time I got home, but his little lip is still swelled up.

Saturday the 5th. We followed a 4-wheeler ride this morning with a walk to the Good Life for ice cream.  And we followed that up with some Elmo sprinkler fun.  I don't know who had more fun, Benjamin, Megan, or Jackson.  Ben Ben was thrilled to be walking in the yard with water spraying him in the face.  Later in the evening Jackson and I went to the Mount Airy Old Time and Bluegrass Fiddler's Convention.

Friday the 4th.  A few weeks ago Jackson said "Daddy, why is every day office day, office day, office day?"  We talked about it and decided it would be a good idea for me to take a day off to spend with the family having fun.  So we made plans to spend the morning picking cherries at Levering Orchard, lunch having a picnic, and the afternoon swimming.  Well, the rain washed all those plans out, but when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.  We packed a lunch and headed to Winston-Salem and Sci-Works, then topped the evening off with a movie night at the house (Herbie Goes Bananas). ( more photos )


Thursday the 3rd.  Jackson met his friend, Brock, at the playground this morning for a play date.  Then after dinner the family went to see Herbie Goes To Monte Carlo at the Downtown Cinema, which was a hoot.  I remember watching the Love Bug movies when I was a kid.  Jackson loved it and cheered out loud for Herbie when he won the race.  We took the picture of Ben at the piano this evening and because we have one just like it of Jackson, I put them side by side.

Wednesday the 2nd.  Not to waste a gorgeous day like today indoors, the boys started bright and early with a walk to daddy's office, followed by a stop at the neighborhood school's playground on the way home.  They then went for a picnic lunch at Horne Creek Farm in Pinnacle, NC.  Megan, Matthew, and Samuel were there as well and joined the boys in grinding corn, petting the animals, touring the farm house, and exploring the farm.  Later in the evening the boys went to the new playground to see Katie Brintle  and to get just a little more play in before bedtime.  Big Day!  Everyone, mom and dad included, was asleep by 8:30.


Tuesday the 1st. Today was picture perfect in Mount Airy, just beautiful weather.  Amy and the boys spent the morning at the library and the playground.  Last night Anita and Steve stopped by to see the boys.  Their baby boy, James Allen, will be here in July, so Steven was able to practice some with Benjamin.