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This will be a one post wrap up for the entire month.
The month started with Jackson's braces being removed.  It is amazing how fast he is growing up.

This year we celebrated the 4th at the Eads house.  They hosted a fantastic gathering of friends, family and fun.

We hit the driving range, followed by Scoops for ice cream.

My brother-in-law Eric had an accident while working on his house.  While he was in the hospital, Toto came to stay with us.  The hens continued to grow and we continue to sit out in the backyard watching them.  Maggie suffered an eye injury, so she went into quarantine for a few weeks, but she made a full recovery.
Seth had a birthday party and Ben went to Soccer Camp where he was awarded a trophy by the Shooting Station coaches.  Jackson volunteered for two weeks with the RCC Parks Program.  Amy, Ben and Jackson also went to Ocean Lakes for a few days of beach life with my sister Deana, our friend Sharon and their cousins Caleb and Izzy..

We celebrated my birthday at the Claudville Cafe the night before I turned 45, then I celebrated again the next day at the River Run. It was a good month for paddling in Kibler and I caught all four rec releases.

We ended the month by going in two different directions.  Jackson went to a high school retreat at Montreat with the FPCMA Beacons, while Amy and Ben joined me on a work trip to Dalton, GA.  On our way, we camped at the Ocoee River and had just a glorious day playing in the best swimming holes ever.