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July 2004

Saturday the 31st.  The Heath boys and the Eads boys went to Kibler Valley to watch the 22nd annual river run with Deana, Martin, and other friends and family.   We had a lot of fun watching the racers and riding the tubes.  Deana had a nice lunch fixed for everyone and Ben ate his weight in watermelon. Click HERE for more photos from today



Friday the 30th. Congratulations to Ben's buddy, Baby Landon, who took his first steps today!

I had planned to ride the bike to Stone Mt. yesterday, but the weather didn't co-operate.  I did manage to sneak about 65 miles in, with only the last couple in heavy rain.  When I pulled into the driveway it was pouring.   Jackson came out on the porch and watched me take off my my rain soaked gear.  He then said "I guess you should have drove the car, huh?"

Thursday the 29th. Brooke, Granny Ro, and Landon stopped by for a visit today.  It looks like Benjamin and Landon have two more things in common.  They both love the piano and ice cream.


Wednesday the 28th.  Jackson went with Matthew to see Good Boy at the Mayberry Cinema, while Samuel stayed at our house to play with baby Benjamin.  Then later in the evening Amy and I went to the Downtown Cinema to see Starsky and Hutch while the boys had a pizza/sundae party with friends.

Tuesday the 27th.  Ben Ben turned 14 months old on a rainy day spent at home. 

Monday the 26th.  I had a very nice 35th birthday.  Jackson drew me a wonderful picture of us riding bicycles with Benjamin and also gave me a bag of our favorite candy, Maple Nut Goodies.  Our friends, the Joyce's, came over for a cookout after work.  Jackson had fun playing computer games with Mike, while Benjamin had fun playing with his buddy Landon.

Sunday the 25th. While getting Jackson dressed for Dinner Club, I realized that I left the bathroom door open.  I ran in to make sure Ben wasn't playing in the potty.  He wasn't, he was on the potty.

We spent a nice night in Greensboro with the Dinner Club gang.  Everyone was able to make it, the weather was nice, and the food fantastic.  Jackson said he didn't want any of the pork loin because he didn't like it.  I put one piece in his mouth, he chewed for awhile, then said "I don't like it."  As I was walking away he said "Maybe I'll eat one more to make sure I don't like it."  He then ate everything I had cut up for him.  Earlier in the afternoon, Amy had a nice time at Sendella's baby shower in Galax.


Saturday the 24th.    Benjamin slept all night last night in his crib for the first time without anyone having to do anything.  No pacifier, no cup of water, no rocking, nothing.  Yeah for Ben and Yeah for mom and dad!!!


Friday the 23rd.  To celebrate my upcoming birthday on the 26th, the family spent the day together in Blackburg, VA on campus at Virginia Tech.  The boys had their first taste of a Mike's famous hamburger (Mommy and Daddy say mmmmm!!!), before exploring the campus and downtown.  Jackson rode his scooter all over campus and Benjamin walked through the classrooms of Mcbride Hall before both boys fell asleep in the stroller.  Then before leaving town we visited our friends the Burchers.  Jackson and Benjamin enjoyed playing with Ella, Eva, and Sally while mom and dad visited with Shauna and Chris.


Thursday the 22nd. Amy took the boys joined friends at Sci-Works this morning.  Then tonight we went to Homeplace for the 2nd Annual Behavioral Services Pool Party.


Wednesday the 21st. We visited Hama in Claudville tonight.  Papa let Jackson drive his new tractor, which absolutely thrilled him.  He drove it all the way through a bottom and back up the road.  I took Benjamin on his first tractor ride too.  He said "GO, GO, GO!!".  But Ben's favorite part of the night was walking around in the front yard with a piece of Hama's pound cake in his hand.


Tuesday the 20th. Amy, Jessica, and Megan took Jackson and Matthew to see All Dogs Go To Heaven II this morning, while Ben played with Sam and Timmesa at their house.  Then Dylan and Patti brought pizza for supper and played with Jackson at the playground.  The pic of the fountain was from a walk last week.


Monday the 19th.  It was a nice sunny morning, so Amy and the boys walked to the library and to downtown.  This afternoon Jackson got a hair cut.  After two and a half years, he still hasn't warmed up to the idea of getting his hair cut, guess he takes that after his daddy.  His glasses also broke this afternoon.  That's the first time something has happened to them that couldn't be repaired.  His prescription has changed though and we were already shopping for a new pair.  Of course after wearing the same pair for the past two years, he wants his new ones to be just like his old ones. 

Sunday the 18th. The afternoon was spent in Galax, VA.  We walked downtown, ate lunch at Macado's, and played at the playground.  Happy Birthday Jeff!


Saturday the 17th.  We spent some time on Main Street this afternoon, including a visit to Pages Bookstore to get Amy's copy of Plain Heathen Mischief signed by author and friend, Martin Clark.  We saw a large group of side-car bikes while downtown.  A few of the bikes were BMWs, but the rest were URALs.  Check out the URAL website to learn more about these cool Russian bikes.

Friday the 16th.  Jackson's friends Brock and Elizabeth came over for a play-date today.  All the children had a wonderful time playing together.

We went to Meadows of Dan tonight to visit eight day old James Epperly.  He is perfectly adorable.  The boys had a lot of fun visiting Steve and Anita.  Ben liked walking in the back yard and Jackson always enjoys playing with Steven.  What a nice cool July evening on the mountain.


Thursday the 15th.  You just never know where you'll find baby Benjamin.

The kids played at Tharrington Elementary this morning before taking a walk to Main Street for Superman Ice Cream.  Later in the evening Eric and I made an 85 mile bike ride through Patrick County, VA.  Yesterday was Eric's last day at KDH, so we wish him lots of luck in his new endeavor and hopefully we'll still get a chance to ride every once in a while.

Wednesday the 14th.  Jackson went to the doctor today for his four year old checkup.  He grew 3 inches and gained 6 pounds which put him in the 75 percentile for height and weight.  Amy took the kids to the pool after lunch. 

Jackson helped Samuel learn a game on the computer yesterday.  He told him "you may think you can't do it, but you can.  You just have to believe in yourself.  And don't let your "anchor" control you.  And remember, you're bigger than your fear."  I think he's ready to either coach high school football or give  inspirational speeches.

Tuesday the 13th. Jack and Ben had Matthew, Samuel, and "rockin' cousin" Caleb over today to play.

Monday the 12th. The boys went to the playground early this morning and then had a play-date with friends across town.

Sunday the 11th.  Just a work day around the house today, except for a brief visit by Sam and Mat.  Jackson and I visited Pilot Mountain on the 4th, click here for more photos.


Saturday the 10th.  We all played in the water today.  The boys had a good time, but Megan enjoyed it the most and stayed in the water long after the boys called it quits.


Here are some photos from Samuel's half-birthday party on the 2nd.  To make sure Sam didn't get slighted by having a birthday that falls right after Christmas, he got a party in July too.

Friday the 9th.  We visited little Jimmy Epperly last night in Radford, here are some photos of the little fellow.  He is a beautiful little boy, Anita and Steve did a wonderful job.  Jackson had a play date this morning with his friend Brock.


Thursday the 8th. Let's catch up on photos today.  We've got pics from Jackson's last night at swim class, bowling on Wednesday morning, Jackson drawing Teen Titans, and Benjamin's introduction to the baby pool and skinny dipping.


Wednesday the 7th.  Yes, we have a climber.  At thirteen months old, Benjamin is trying to climb on top of everything; the steps, the fireplace hearth, the coffee table, you name it...  It is a full time job keeping an eye on our little guy.

James Allen Epperly was born at 7pm today, 7lbs 13ozs / 21 inches

Tuesday the 6th.  Timmesa took Matthew and Jackson to see Sinbad at the Mayberry Cinema this morning.  Today's photos are from our 4th of July backyard cookout with friends.  The kids had a lot of fun playing Red Light Green Light.  More Photos


Monday the 5th.  What a great day off!  The family went swimming  at Homeplace before having a backyard cookout.  Then it was back to the pool for Jackson's swim class.  Our uncle, Mike Heath, and his sons, Gabe and Parker, put on another great fireworks show last night at Hama's house.  More Photos...


Sunday the 4th.  It will take me all week to get all the photos from today online.  We had a huge Independence Day.  It started with a cookout at the Eads' house, then Jackson and I spent the afternoon hiking all the way around Pilot Knob, and finally we spent the evening in Virginia watching a great fireworks show with about 30-40 friends and family. ( More Photos... )

Saturday the 3rd. We took the boys and Megan to Main Street, listened to Mandy's band (Southern Sky), ate lunch at Barney's and ice cream at The Good Life.  Jackson got comic books at Page's Bookstore, Benjamin picked out a toy at the Emporium, and Megan got her face painted.  And Jackson fed a llama!

Happy Birthday Sherri and Charla!

Friday the 2nd.  The boys stopped by for a visit at Daddy's office.  Benjamin walked up and down the hall, peeping into everyone's offices.  Jackson visited with his old friends , he hasn't stopped by in awhile.  Benjamin finally slept better last night, which was a nice change for everyone.


Thursday the 1st.  Poor baby BenBen was so tired last night, he just fell down on the floor and went to sleep.  Then he fell asleep today while eating his lunch.  Guess staying up all night is getting to him too.

Amy told Jackson that it was time for him to get another hair cut.  He said "No, I'm going to let it grow some so that I will be ready to be a Daddy."