July 2003

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First Bottle

Monday, July 28th.  Benjamin got his first bottle.  He drank it like a champ and didn't ask questions.  He looked at me funny for the first few seconds, then he went to work.  Benjamin just had his two month doctors visit on July 30th.  He weighs in just shy of 15lbs.  He has gained 4 lbs over the last month.  He was only 7 lbs when he was born.  So obviously the kid knows how to eat.

The Cabin

Sunday, July 27th.  We had a really nice day Sunday.  Mo started the day by taking us out to breakfast for my birthday and then treated us to some birthday shopping.  The afternoon was spent at our cabin in Claudville relaxing and playing in the creek.  Caleb and Jackson stayed busy building dams and racing boats.   We then spent a nice evening, including a great supper, at Hama's house.  Jackson raced his 4X4 around the house and found his first turtle.  He has been really wanting a pet turtle, even though he knows it means setting it free the next day.



Jackson and Benjamin both made their first trip to the cabin at two months old.  Here is a picture of Papa and Jackson, then Papa and Benjamin.  They are even wearing the same outfit.


Brooke's Baby Sh*wer

Kibler Valley River Run

Saturday, July 26th.  Jackson and I spent part of my birthday on Dan River watching the annual river run.  The next best thing to competing in the race is sitting back and watching the action.  I grew up canoeing down Dan River with my dad, hopefully when the boys are big enough we can do the same.


Sunday, July 20th.  Jackson took his 4X4 to Mount Airy High for some laps in the parking lot.  He is doing doughnuts in the pics below.  He eventually found the mud-holes though for some real off-road action.  And then taking a water break in the last picture.


Friday, July 18th.  Jackson's friend Samuel came over on Friday night to hang out with him for a few hours.  The boys had a lot of fun.  They played in the pool, built trains and buildings, ate popcorn and Jello trains, chased the neighbor's kittens.


Fun In the Sun

Thursday, July 18th. Amy's office, Behavioral Services, had their 1st Annual Fun in the Sun day at Homeplace.  We all had a great time visiting, eating, and swimming.  And as a bonus, Benjamin got to show off his fab bod in his little swimming trunks.


Since recovering from my sinus surgery mostly meant lying around on the couch, Benjamin got to spend a lot of quality time napping with his Daddy. 

Zane Gates Hardy

What a surprise!  Congratulations to Sonnie and Stan on the birth of their beautiful baby boy, Zane on July 11th.  Zane is here about a month early, but all reports are that mother and baby are recovering fine.  I am sure he is precious and that everyone is terribly proud.  Zane is the first Great-Great grandchild on the Heath side of the family.  Pretty special. 

Lying around

July 11th

July 4th

We spent the July 4th weekend in Colonial Heights, here are some of the photos from the trip.  I think the Mills side of the family enjoyed meeting Benjamin for the first time.  Benjamin is 5 weeks old in this series of pics.