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November 12, 2006.

Jessup's Mill


What a great day.  A posting earlier in the week on the TPA board about a possible Sunday Jessups Mill run following Saturday night rains sparked my interest.  I mentioned it to my friend Jeff who called back later to say that he was in.  It did rain Saturday night but only a half an inch, so the TPA folks didn't paddle, but Jeff and I were already set on going.  I looked up my March Trip Report from our last Jessup's run and saw that it said " a cold day with absurdly low water.  It was the best trip yet, I absolutely loved it."  That convinced me that the trip was a good idea.  We were at the 704 take-out at 9am and unloading the boats at Jessup's around 9:30.  We were off the river around 2PM.

We learned from our March trip to save our energy for the much more fun second half of the run.  We paddled straight for the first hour and a half before stopping for lunch.  The water was better than our last trip, but we still had to pick our lines down the river.  It wasn't too bad though.  From lunch stop down it was play time.  I gave Jeff the camera at the first decent rapid because I saw a rock with some possible boof potential.  Jeff's money in the bank when it comes to timing boof photos just right, like this one from Basketball Falls.  And there is one little section where you can paddle far river left around a boulder that sticks out about four or five feet above the water.  I remembered a really fun ledge there from my first run on Jessups.  I think that is one of my favorite spots anywhere.  It pushes my GT down at least a foot and holds it there.  The really fun part is that if the boat thrashes from side to side, it gets kicked back into the middle because the drop is so narrow.  Just lots and lots of fun.  I'm paddling away from it here.

Another highlight was the eight point buck standing on the river bank.  He was on a rock river right and didn't budge as I floated past.  I think he was surprised to see me, and couldn't quite figure out what I was doing in the river.  His rack was impressive, but he was a pretty puny looking guy. 

The sky was blue, the water clear, the sun warm, the breeze cold.  Just an awesome day to be on the river.

The gauge was broke, but we checked it at the take-out and saw that it read 1.68.  The air temp was right at 50F.

3.4 MB clip from Jessups Mill

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