Jackson's Birthdays

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Seventeen Years Old
No photos for the 2nd year in a row.  We celebrated with family at the Mexican restaurant in Stuart on the 2nd, then Jackson celebrated his actual birthday with his girlfriend.  . 

Sixteen Years Old
I drove Jackson, along with his friends Simon, Grey and Harrison, to Raleigh for a Beyonce concert.  I am pretty sure it was a great birthday for him. 

Fifteen Years Old
A quiet day spent at home with the family and an evening at the movies to watch The Avengers: Age of Ultron.  It was the 2nd time Jackson watched it this week.  He had candles in his muffins at breakfast, banana pudding at lunch and strawberry shortcake at dinner. 

Fourteen Years Old

Thirteen Years Old
The day started with a gift of tennis balls and a muffin with a candle in it.  After school Jackson played in a baseball game, he had a hit and his team won 9-8 in the bottom of the 6th inning.  Deana, Martin, Papa and Caleb came back to the house after the game.  Jackson blew candles out that were on top of his strawberry shortcake, which was again the gift he asked for from Mo. I think he had a pretty good birthday.  His present was a trip to Great Wolf Lodge with his friends Simon, Tanner and Ryan.

Twelve Years Old
We decided to celebrate with family this year, with dinner at a Japanese steakhouse and the premier of The Avengers in 3D at the I-Max in Winston-Salem.

Eleven Years Old
 Jackson hosted a sleep-over again this year for his birthday.  His friends Everett, Simon, Robert, Tanner, Caleb and Ryan joined him for an evening of basketball, pizza, cake and goofing around. 

Ten Years Old
For Jackson's ten year old birthday party, he decided to have a sleepover at his house.  As luck would have it, he spent three hours that evening in the emergency room, so I think it will always be a birthday he will remember.

Nine Years Old
May 3 and May 14, 200

Eight Years Old
May 3, 200

Seven Years Old
May 6, 2007

Six Years Old
May 5, 2006.

Five Years Old
May 3, 2005.

Four Years Old
May 2, 2004.   Jackson celebrated turning four a day early with a party at Chuck E Cheese and had an absolute wonderful time.  He was very happy that so many of his friends and family made it there to play with him.   Benjamin had a good time too and especially liked riding in the Clifford car and the Bob the Builder Scoop.



Three Years Old
Jackson_2003_05_04_Skateboard01_web.jpg (85411 bytes)Jackson_2003_05_03_Party01_web.jpg (124662 bytes)May 3, 2003.  We managed to get the entire party in before the thunderstorms and hail, but you may notice the steamroller going down the road in the picture to the left.  You might also notice Sharon having to hike down the road next to it.  Yes, the City said they didn't work on weekends, but since it was Jackson's party they would make an exception.  They were nice enough to pave our entire road during Jackson's birthday party.  On the bright side, we didn't have to worry about traffic, just steamrollers, and Jackson now has a nice smooth road to ride his skateboard on.

Spiderman_Cake_2003_05_03_web.jpg (95395 bytes)  Deana_and_Sharon_2003_05_03_web.jpg (81255 bytes) Jackson_2003_05_03_Jumping2Jeff01_web.jpg (77938 bytes) Jackson_2003_05_03_PartyGroup01_web.jpg (69093 bytes) Papa_Izzy_2003_05_03_web.jpg (109918 bytes) Jackson_2003_05_03_WebGame01_web.jpg (196290 bytes) Jackson_2003_05_03_WebGame03_web.jpg (222004 bytes) Party_2003_05_03_web.jpg (254635 bytes) Jackson_2003_05_04_Sand_and_Water02_web.jpg (134810 bytes) Jackson_2003_05_03_Party03_web.jpg (205557 bytes)           

Two Years Old
May 5, 2003
Jackson24mo_Party01_web.jpg (65468 bytes) Jackson24mo_Party02_web.jpg (66496 bytes) Jackson24mo_Party04_web.jpg (82965 bytes) Jackson24mo_Party03_web.jpg (62838 bytes) Jackson24mo_Party_cake_web.jpg (23448 bytes) Jackson24mo_Papa_Izzy_Caleb_eating_web.jpg (88998 bytes)

One Year Old
1stBDay_Party2.jpg (78679 bytes)May 6th, 2001Jackson had a blast at his 1st Birthday Party.  I think Megan and Caleb got the biggest kick out of the clowns, from The Cowgirl Balloon Co.  .  The balloon animals were a big hit with all of the kids.  Megan and Salem like the painting a lot too.

      1stBDay_Party4.jpg (75802 bytes)     1stBDay_Party_Jackson_eating_cake2.jpg (68133 bytes)    1stBDay_Party_Ginny_Hama_Isabelle.jpg (59730 bytes)


1stBDay_Party_Jackson_eating_cake3.jpg (29193 bytes)1stBDay_Party_Jackson_eating_cake5.jpg (72139 bytes)1stBDay_Party_Jackson_eating_cake4.jpg (44559 bytes)Jackson definitely dug the cake!  I think he was about ready to go to sleep before he got hopped up on icing.  That kept him running for at least another hour.  The tears in his eyes are from the Happy Birthday song.  The clowns put him a little on edge, but the singing pushed him right over.