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Jackson studied Isshinryu and Ju-Jitsu under two time Sport Jujitsu World Champion Sensei Eric Latza at Mount Airy Martial Arts for three years.  He attended his first class just a week shy of his fifth birthday on April 29th, 2005 and currently holds brown/black stripe belt status.  He competed in four Sport Jujitsu tournaments and we were very proud of his dedication and hard work.  In 2008 he made the switch to basketball, soccer and football and no longer studies martial arts.  In 2006, at the age of 3, Ben attended the Pee Wee class taught by Jason Easter.  On November 2, 2007, at the age of 4 1/2, Ben started the Beginner's Class at Mount Airy Martial Arts and later earned yellow belt status.   Ben wanted to wait until he was a little bigger, so he too took a break, then returned in 2009.  After one class with Sensei Emad Ali at Sidekick Karate, he again went back to his instruction under Sensei Latza, this time at Mount Airy Dance Works.  As with Jackson, other sports began to interfere with Ben's schedule and he too is no longer studying martial arts, although we hope he one day decides to return to the dojo.  There are too many photos for one gallery, so I divided them by belt rank.  To view the photo galleries, just click the corresponding belt below.  I've also got some of my favorite photos further down on this page and videos here..

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Click here for photos from the 2007 May Mountain Madness tournament in Dublin, VA

Click here for photos from the 1st Annual Mount Airy Martial Arts Sport JuJitsu Invitational Tournament

Click here for photos from Summer Camp 2006

Click here for photos from the USSJA May Mountain Madness Tournament in Dublin, Virginia on 5/20/06

Click here for photos from the May 19, 2006 Fisher River Park demo.

Click here for photos from the USSJA tournament in Wytheville, VA on 3/18/06

Below are a few of my most recent photos and a few of my all-time favorites.


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