Indoor 2016
Coach Luis Aguilar
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November 26, 2016. Ben made the jump up to U-15 and played with friends Juan, Dylan, Drew, Willie, Brandon and Cayden.  They did not win, but it was their first time playing together.  I thought they played well.  I was proud of Ben's tenacity and aggressiveness.  The passing lanes were narrow and the opportunities few, but they hustled and looked pretty good.


November 19, 2016. A close, evenly matched 7-6 game on a Saturday afternoon at Mt Airy Indoor Soccer. Ben and D'allas have played against each other in rec, school and indoor countless times, but today, for the first time, they played on the same team. And our favorite goalie Neri was on the opposing team for the first time. It was a fun game. Ben and Neri had a couple of good battles where Ben just could not get the ball past him. Ben scored one goal and his team won by one, but it could have went either way.

November 5, 2016.  Following two RCC rec games, Ben joined Yair's team for an indoor game at the soccer complex on South Street.  It was his first time playing there and he went against his friends Luis, Brandon, Willie and Leo.  Ben scored twice in his team's 11-7 victory.

August 27, 2016. A narrow 11-12 loss.  Ben scored two goals.  Yair and another new player were both hot and scored multiple goals.  Our friend Dylan played with the team for the first time since March, which was a lot of fun.  He and Ben will be playing together on their middle school team too.

August 20, 2016. Ben scored his tenth hat trick of the year in Indoor Soccer by scoring 4 goals in his team's 7-11 loss.  They were short handed and had to call in a few extra player to field the team.  Juan, Willie and Dillon each scored 1 goal.

August 13, 2016.  Ben's team came in 2nd place in a three game tournament.  They were missing their goalie for the first two games, then had no subs for the 2nd game.  By the time the third game rolled around, their tanks were running on empty, but they held their own and played great.  Ben had no goals in the first game, a 5-5 tie against a very talented team.  He scored 4 goals in the 2nd game, an 11-8 win.  The last game was against the same team they tied earlier.  This time they lost 8-10. 

August 6, 2016.  Ben scored 6 goals in his team's 14-7 victory.  They played the game in King, as YVEDDI no longer allows them to play at Old Jones School, which is something I am very disappointed about. Ben and his team played great.  It marked Ben's third 6 goal game of 2016. Players were Leo, Brandon, Ben, Yair and Juan.  Neither of their goalies were on hand, so the team played "goalie by committee"

May 28, 2016.  Ben scored 1 goal in his team's 11-5 loss.  In my opinion, the cards were stacked against them.  The opposing team had an older player in the goal for the first half until all of their team showed up.  Ben's team was then down a player, but they got a much, much younger kid to step in.  Ben said it was no excuse, they should have played better.  We only had Ben, Juan, Brian and Yair.

May 21, 2016. The team bounced back with a vengeance from last week's loss, scoring 20 goals while only giving up 4.  I shot some video this week and it shows Ben scoring 4 goals and making 4 assists, Yair scores 5, plus 1 assist, Brandon O scored 2 with 1 assist, Juan scored 1 and our other Brandon scored 3. The other 5 goals would have belonged to the other guys, as all of Ben's were caught on camera. Neri played fantastic in the goal.   We were missing Brian and Leo for this game

May 14, 2016. A 3-4 loss.  Brandon was hot early, scoring all three goals, but the team seemed a little off, compared to their recent performances.  The team was Ben, Neri, Juan, Brandon, Leo and Brian.

May 7, 2016. Ben had an outdoor game at 1 and an indoor game at noon.  We got to they gym early, at 11.  Ben played a pickup game for an hour, scoring 4 goals, and was warmed up by the time his game started.  I told him that he would only have time to play the first half.  He said "Well, I better score a hat trick early then."  At five minutes into the game, he had scored three goals giving his team a 3-0 lead.  By fourteen minutes in, he had scored SIX goals.  The score was 8-2 when we left at the half. Probably the best soccer Ben has played, he couldn't miss.  That gave him his 6th hat trick and 30 goals in 12 games.  We later learned that the team did continue their excellent play and won the game.

April 30, 2016.  Ben's 5th hat trick of 2016, bringing him to an awesome 24 goals in 11 games.  And on top of that, it was one of the most exciting games I've seen.  Watching the other team warm up, Jackson commented that it was a very noticeable mismatch, and not in Ben's favor.  But with Ben and Leo at Forward, Juan and Brian at Fullback and Neri in the goal, they played outstanding.  The other team's best player was in goal during the first half.  But when they went down a couple of goals, he switched to offense.  At first, he made a huge impact on the game, but he was not passing, so once Ben's team started double and triple teaming him, the game swung quickly in our favor.  The other player became frustrated, gave up and was pulled by his coach.  Neri was outstanding in the goal.  All the guys worked great together.  On one play, Leo brought the ball up on the left, passed to Ben in the middle, Ben one touched it back to Leo, Leo one touched it to Juan who was crashing the goal for the score.  With no subs, they hustled hard and left the game soaked in sweat.  Besides Ben's 3 goals, Juan and Leo scored 2 each.

April 23, 2016. Ben scored one goal in his team's narrow 6-5 win.  So far, in 2016, Ben's team is 5-4-1 in the games he has participated in.  Ben has scored 21 goals in those 10 games. 

April 16, 2016.  13-2 win.  Brandon scored 5, Ben 3, Leo 3, Juan 2.  Neri played goalie.  This unit worked really well together against a bigger and possibly older team. 

April 2, 2016
. 7-14 loss.  Ben scored twice. 
March 31, 2016. A pretty lopsided loss.  Ben played on defense the whole game, so he did not get any opportunities to score.  The team was Ben, Juan, Neri, Matthew, Dylan and a girl that had not played with them before. 

March 25, 2016. A very exciting game that ended in a 5-5 tie. Ben and four other players on his team each scored one goal. Players were Ben, Juan, Leo, Brandon, Nick, Dylan and Brian.

March 19, 2016Ben added to his weekend goal count by scoring 2 more in his team's 3-7 loss. The game was closer than the score reflects as Ben's team went down 0-3 early while playing a man down. Although this is the team that we lost to last weekend as well. Once we had the same number of players, the two teams were very evenly matched. The opposing team's goalie is really good and big enough to cover a lot of the goalie box. Nick scored the team's other goal. Players today were Juan, Ben, Dylan, Neri, Nick and Matthew.

March 18, 2016Ben's third hat trick of 2016. It was a fun game to watch, Ben scored 6 goals, so I guess he got a double hat trick. Nick scored 5, Juan 2 and Dylan 1 in their team's 14-2 victory.  Ben and Nick were passing the ball really well.  It might be the best game I've seen Ben play, he was really on fire today. 

March 12, 2016.   Ben's friend Matthew joined him for a Saturday game and scored the first point for their team.  The guys went down big early, but outplayed the other team in the second half.  I think the final score was 4-8.  It was a new line-up with two players making their indoor debut.  Ben had some good shots on goal, but none of them made it past the goalie this game. Brandon played goalie the first half, Neri the second half. 


February 14, 2016.  Ben's team has had the same line up for the past few months of Ben, Juan, Yahir, Brian and Brandon and it shows.  They are playing really well together.  Ben scored his second hat trick of the year.  Every player got in on the action by scoring multiple goals, with Yahir leading the way with 6.  It was a pretty one-sided game, but it stayed a lot closer once the opposing team made a goalie change. 

February 6, 2016
. Ben played soccer right after finishing a brutal basketball game where his team only had 4 players.  He drank some Gatorade and hopped into the soccer game.  He did not score, but had some great shots on goal and two nice assists.  He mostly played on defense this game, which was good considering how tired he was.  The game was tied at 2-2 at the half, but Ben's team pulled away and won 6-2 behind Juan's 3 goals. 

January 30, 2016.  With Mo there to watch, Ben played a superb game, scoring a hat trick in his team's 8-6 win.  He scored twice off corner kicks, with one of those coming off a header.  His other goal was from far out to the side.  Juan was on fire too, scoring 4 goals.  As with his last soccer game, Ben followed it up immediately with a 2:15 basketball game.

January 9, 2016.  A 2-3 loss.  Ben played this soccer game at 1:00, then a basketball game at 2:15.