Heath - Stanley Photo Album

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 Earnest and Alma Stanley are my grandmother, Hava Heath's, parents.  James and Mary Heath are my grandfather, James Heath's, parents.   They are also Jackson and Benjamin's great-great-grandparents.

All of these photos are from my father's side of the family and came from photo albums at Hama's (Hava Heath).  I have the photos divided into galleries, use the links above to navigate through them.  I will try to provide any information about the photos that I have.   I always enjoy looking at pictures taken when Hama and Papa were young and just starting our family.    I thought that scanning them would be a nice way to preserve the photos and, at the same time, make them available to anyone who might want to download them.  

  These are two very dear people to me.  I will probably refer to them as Hama and Papa through most of this album.  So if you see photos labels as such, they are James and Hava Heath, my grandparents.  It was a great loss when Papa passed away, but anyone who was fortunate enough to spend time with Papa James is blessed with many wonderful memories.  From the moment my wife met Hama and Papa, she enjoyed spending time at their house.  Thanks to her, I was fortunate enough to spend many evenings listening to Papa tell stories about his life growing up.  Amy thought to ask questions that I would have never thought about asking and we heard some amazing tales because of it.  The front porch at Hama's house will be very different from now on, but as I look at the different photographs of Papa, I will always be reminded of those stories and I will smile.