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Thursday, February 28th, 2013. I spent most of the last few weeks working in New England, where I got to see lots of snow and frozen lakes.  The work days lasted anywhere from 12-17 hours, so I didn't get to do a lot of site seeing, but I snapped a few pics here and there during our commutes.  While I was away, Amy had a terrible accident when she ran into a cross bar on our swingset in the dark while hurrying back to the house after feeding the dogs.  She has two black eyes and a gash across her nose.  There have been a couple of basketball tournaments played, soccer skills and drills took place last night for Ben and the baseball draft is this Sunday.  The White Sox team was dissolved, which means that Jackson will play on a different team this Spring.  We were really looking forward to another year with Randy and the Sox, but there wasn't anything we could do about it.  We now have three straight weekends of basketball tournaments in front of us and I have some more traveling to do.

Thursday, February 14th, 2013.  I was originally scheduled to be in New England this week, which would have had me out of town on Valentine's Day.  Fortunately, a blizzard changed those plans and I get to enjoy the day with my lovely wife.  Unfortunately, Ben has his 2nd stomach bug of the year and spent his morning throwing up.  The poor kid has had bad luck with bugs this year.
Yesterday, Jackson got a pretty major hair cut and I think it looks great.  He had a really good practice last night, I had the camera and snapped a few pics.

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013. Amy and our friend Karen organized a night for the cub scouts to deliver Valentine Cards to a nursing home.  The kids impressed me with their caring, maturity, respect and kindness.  They are a great group of future leaders.

Afterwards we stopped by the gym to watch Seth and many of our friends play basketball.

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013.   Jackson's Prowl team played in a two day tournament over the weekend in Fort Chiswell and while the games did not go the way we would have liked, we did enjoy hanging out with the team, eating at Skeeters, China Wok and getting to see our niece Izzy's team play.  I thought Jackson played well, especially on Sunday. (more photos here)

Monday, February 11th, 2013.  Ben brought home a 3rd Place Overall trophy from our Pack 538 Pinewood Derby.  His car was really fast, posting many of the fastest times all night.  And it didn't drop off at all between the first 8 heat round and the championship round.  His fastest time was 227.8 MPH in the first heat of the championship round.  He got 3rd, but actually had the 2nd fastest car during the final 8 heats.  No one could touch our friend Carson's car though, it was in a class of its own.  Ben was really, really happy with the trophy and fully understood what an accomplishment it was to beat some really fast cars.  We had 31 competitors this year and the night again went smoothly.  It is a lot of fun watching the boys run back and forth along the track, racing cars for two solid hours. 

Wednesday, February 6th, 2013. We played SO much basketball over the weekend.  As a family, we went 6-2.  Ben's team won another tournament and went 3-0.  Jackson's rec team won their tournament game and his Prowl team went 1-2 against some very tough competition.  And my church league team won a close game.  Basketball continues this week as we have a practice or game every night, plus a week full of scouting activities.  On Sunday Ben and I attended Scout Appreciation Day at First Baptist, then we had a pack meeting on Monday, we set our track up on Thursday, then race our derby cars on Friday.