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February 2004


Sunday the 29th.  Grandma Sue and I drove to Butner this morning where we met Alan, Nicole, and Lexi for lunch.  Grandma then rode back to Colonial Heights with Alan, while I returned to another beautiful day in Mayberry.   Jackson spent the day with Papa, Mo, Caleb, and Isabelle going on adventure walks and playing Little Foot.   Not long after Mo and Papa brought Jackson back we discovered that Ben had hives all over his face, neck, and ears.  They looked terrible and we were frantically trying to figure out what he was allergic too when Mo was realized that he didn't have hives after all.   We got a wash cloth to see if she was right and they all wiped right off.  It was lipstick from her kisses.

Saturday the 28th.  While the rest of the state is under a blanket of snow, Mount Airy has nothing but sunshine.  So we all went for a nice walk on Main Street.  It was Benjamin's first walk in a real stroller and he had a great time.  We ran into our friend Cindy Ritenour and her mom and then stopped by Creative Sewing to see Megan's mom and grandparents.  We made the same walk this time last year.  The only difference is that Benji's view was a little different.  Click here to compare Jackson's tree picture with last year's.


Friday the 27th.  Benjamin turned nine months old today.

Thursday the 26th.  First I heard 5 inches of snow, then 10.  Someone actually just said 18" of snow.  Guess we'll find out later.   Benjamin has finally added Ma Ma to his vocabulary.  I think once he figures out that is what his mommy's name is it will be his favorite word.

Wednesday the 25th.  Amy and the boys took Grandma to the produce markets in Virginia this morning.  Poor baby Ben got sick several times later in the afternoon, but seemed to rebound by late evening.  Benjamin gives the biggest smacking kisses now.  I don't even know how he makes such a good smacking noise.  I guess the secret is only having two teeth.

Tuesday the 24th. Grandma Sue is busy trying to spoil the boys while she is here.  She bought Benji the new toy the boys are playing with in the picture, along with slippers, an Elmo movie,  and a new CD player for his nursery.  Jackson got the new Lego blocks he wanted and some cool new Superman clothes.

Deana picked Jackson up after work for a pizza picnic and movie at her house.  He was very excited and packed his own lunch box full of snacks.

Monday the 23rd. Benjamin can now stand up all by himself.  He does really good if there isn't anything around he wants to get to.  Jackson runs in the room and says "Mommy, Bugs Life comes on eight seven central FRIDAY!".  Mommy says "OK, 8/7 central."  "Yeah, Mommy, can you remember what day it is?"

Sunday the 22nd.  Jackson had a nasty spill off a bench and into an end table last night.  He followed it up today by running into a door jam.  Afterward he wanted us to call Matthew to see if he wanted to play with him.  He pointed to where he got his bump and said "What do you call that?".  I told him it was a door jam.  He then very sadly said "Can you tell Matthew I hit the door jam?"  So Amy took the boys over to the Eads which perked Jackson up.

Saturday the 21st.  Jackson and I went to Blue Ridge Elementary to watch Caleb and the Bulldogs take on the Stuart Wildcats.  Caleb, #11, scored the very first time he touched the ball.  He really hustled to the ball on rebounds too.  Then Megan came over after school and we are having a lot of fun playing.


Friday the 20th.  A beautiful day in North Carolina.  Amy, Timmesa, and the boys enjoyed a morning at Westwood Park  and I rode the bike this afternoon.  Too bad the weekend isn't going to be like this.  And speaking of playgrounds, click here to see how you can help with the Build A Dream Playground Project.  Whether it's with money or man power, they need your help, and Mount Airy REALLY needs a playground. 

Grandma Sue stayed with Jackson this evening, Benjamin went to the Ead's, and Amy and I went out for our Valentine's dinner.  Benjamin later had two big firsts.  Amy was holding Benjamin in her lap when she realized that he had an entire hot Krispy Kreme in his mouth, that was one.  A few minutes later he stood in the middle of the floor with no help and with nothing to hold onto.  He probably stood 10-15 seconds.  Jeff got the camera and Benjamin did it again for almost as long.  It was a very unexpected and awesome milestone.   Click here to see the clip.

Thursday the 19th.  Jackson started a Twenty Star rewards plan earlier this week for unprompted trips to the potty.  He made us very proud this afternoon by getting his twentieth star in record fashion.  His handsome reward for doing so well was the The Major Powers Star Fortress Headquarters. 

Wednesday the 18th.  Amy, Grandma, and the boys were able to get outside this afternoon to enjoy the sunshine.  I am sure that everyone enjoyed the change of scenery.

Tuesday the 17th. Jackson finally got to have his Valentine's Day party at Central Methodist.  And for the first time, Daddy went to hang out at school with Jackson and his buddies. 


Monday the 16th. We woke up to a beautiful heavy snow this morning.  Luckily the trees and the ground were the only things covered.  The roads were completely clear, so I went to the office.  Papa stopped by to bring Jackson a Happy Meal at lunchtime and Grandma Sue got to see the #8 win another race.

Sunday the 15th.  We rolled into Mount Airy just in time to watch the snow start falling and the Daytona 500.  Grandma Sue, who is a big fan of the #8,  came back to visit with us for a few weeks.  I'm a fan of the #20, so we had fun watching the race together.  The snow has fallen all afternoon and is finally starting to stick.  Maybe Jackson will have enough to play in tomorrow.

Saturday the 14th.  All the boy cousins were at Grandma Sue's this afternoon.  We watched Wesley practice his ollies in the driveway, then climbed trees, played freeze tag and hide-and-seek.  Later in the evening the girls, Lexi and Nicole, dropped by too.  And at the end of the night Jackson fell asleep on the couch with Grandma. 


Friday the 13th.  We made it to Colonial Heights just in time to see all the family at Lexi's birthday dinner.  Lexi turned ten today.  The boys are very happy to be at Grandma Sue's again.

Thursday the 12th.  It snowed just enough for Jackson's Valentine's Day party to get cancelled, then it melted away before we even had enough to play in.  Matthew came over and watched the Lion King 1 1/2 DVD this morning with Jackson.  Deana gave the movie to the boys as a Valentine's present.  Benjamin has been in a great mood all day.  He talked all through breakfast this morning and through lunch too.  I think not being sick has made him very happy.

Wednesday the 11th.  I asked Jackson the other night what he was eating.  He said "Lucky Charms...Yeah, they're part of my complete breakfast."

Amy and the boys took Hama some birdseed this morning and were able to visit for awhile.  Jackson carried his 4-wheeler with him and rode it around and around her house until he decided it was time for a snack.  Both boys ate pickles and chocolate chip cookies before going with Papa to meet Jackson's new horse, Charlotte.  From there it was back to Mount Airy to play with Samuel at our house.  Then Papa picked Jackson up at dinner time to go back to his house for some fried chicken.

Tuesday the 10th. Benjamin will now get in a grunt contest with you.  You grunt at him, he grunts back, you grunt a little louder, he grunts a little louder.  Most of the time he ends up winning.  It is very cute.  Benjamin's cold and cough seem much better.  He is still taking his medicine and still likes it, but he doesn't enjoy the nebulizer at all.  The other big news is that Papa got Jackson a new horse.  A fifteen month old pinto colt named Charlotte that Jackson plans on calling Mira Nova.

Monday the 9th.  Amy checked on Jackson before turning in Sunday night and found him just barely hanging on.  

Sunday the 8th. I walked into the living room today to see Benjamin's mouth wide open and Jackson putting a big spoonful of chocolate pudding in it.   I think that is the first documented case of big and little brother working together in secret.  We also swapped out the baby's carrier car seat for the big boy one.  He still seems so little, but he has definitely pushed pass the recommended weight limit.  It sure is nice getting to carry him in places without waking him up though, we'll miss that.

Saturday the 7th.  Jackson went to Caleb's for the afternoon, Amy and Megan went to a dance party, and Benjamin and I spent some one on one time at the house.  We then all met at Melanie's for supper before visiting with Hama at her house



Friday the 6th. Benjamin is on a roll this week.  One day after pulling up for the first time, he cruised all the way around his LeapFrog table.  He also moved from the table to the couch and back to the table.  I watched the video of it today at lunch and he's definitely on the move. 

Click here to see Jackson jamming in the car to Amos Moses by Jerry Reed (1MB).  I try to make sure my children are exposed to as much culture as possible.

Thursday the 5th.  Yet another milestone for our growing baby boy.  Benjamin pulled up all by himself tonight for the first time while we were playing with him at his ball ramp toy.  He pulled and grunted and yelled, his legs slipped, but he kept his grip.  Our little champ just kept digging till he got there.  Then he did it again later while he and Amy were playing at his zoo corral. 

Wednesday the 4th.  Benjamin's cold and coughs were not getting better, so he and Mommy headed to Dr. Gale's this afternoon.  The diagnoses: a cold gone bad.  He is wheezing and has an ear infection.  So we had to break out the nebulizer which has been in storage since Jackson's first winter.  Benjamin did really well with it his first time, but I am sure the new will wear of soon enough.

Tuesday the 3rd.  The snows have finally melted enough for Jackson to have a school day.   

Monday the 2nd. Conversations with a three year old.  Jackson hears the front door close...      "Daddy, where are you going?"  Daddy: "Nowhere."    Jackson: "Daddy, where are you going?"   Daddy: "I let the cat in."   Jackson: "Daddy, where are you going?"    Daddy: "I let the cat in."    Jackson: "Daddy, where are you going?"   Daddy: "Disney World."   Jackson:  "Right now?"   Daddy: "No, I let the cat in."    Jackson:  "Oh" ... "I thought you said you were going to Disney World."

Sunday the 1st. Well the Super Bowl could have turned out better, but at least it was a close game.  Papa and Mo came over to watch it with us and to play with the boys.  Jackson enjoyed setting up the snack table for everyone.  He pulled everything out of the cabinet that he could think of that wasn't real food.  We had to lower Benjamin's crib over the weekend because he should be pulling up any day now.  Now he can hold onto it with his hands AND with his mouth.