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October 28, 2012.  The Braves lost their last game of the season, which meant they finished 0-7.  That was the tough part this year, with no kids over 9, we just didn't have the pitching to compete with the other teams.  But it was a good group of boys and I am sure that they all are going to make great baseball players one day.  In 22 trips to the plate this season, Ben was walked 8 times, was hit with the ball twice, had 2 hits and struck out 8 times.  I know that he scored at least 5 times, but it might have been more. 

Ben played all 6 innings of the game in centerfield.  There were some big hitters on the Rangers and I was hoping that Ben would get the chance to run down a fly ball, but none were hit his way.  He was walked once and stole 2nd.  He struck out swinging the second time at bat and after swinging at two pitches, he was struck out watching on his last at bat.  So it was a disappointing day at the plate for him.  All in all, with the losses and with not getting a chance to make any defensive plays in the last game and with not getting a hit on his last at bats, the season didn't end on a very high note for Ben.  Hopefully he rekindles his love for the sport next season. 

October 21, 2012. Ben was back at leadoff again following his strong showing Friday night.  He did not get a hit this game though as he was walked twice and struck out once.  He did score both times he got on base though, stealing home once and being knocked home the second time by JT.  His steal was a really good one and close.  Ben was in centerfield for this game.  The team lost, but had some good plays and more hits than we typically get.
October 19, 2012
Ben had a good game tonight and, more importantly, he had fun. In three at bats, he had one hit, was walked twice, scored twice (once on a steal and once on a walk with bases loaded). I think he was the only Brave to get a bat on the ball in a game with a lot of walks.  On defense Ben fielded two ground balls at second, tagging one runner out and throwing another out at first.  It was another loss, but we put 10 points on the board against a really good team. 

October 14, 2012.  Ben was back to batting leadoff, but had two strike outs.  And the team lost again with no one getting a hit for the second straight game.  Ben was tired following a sleepover at a friend's house, but I thought he played well.

September 30, 2012.  Ben had a really good day at the plate.  In his three trips to the plate in today's loss to the Yadkin Angels, he was hit twice and walked once, so he didn't have a lot of good pitches to swing at.  But when he had good pitches, he was swinging his bat, hitting four foul balls, three in a row during his last at bat against a pitcher throwing pretty decent heat.  I liked that he was swinging the bat and going for hits, yet letting the junk pitches fly by.  Defensively Ben played second base all six innings and had a pretty decent game.  The loss gave the Braves a 0-4 record for the season.

September 22, 2012.  We were out of town and missed this game, but it was a close game.  The Braves lost 13-12 to the Franklin Cubs.

September 16, 2012. The Braves lost to a very good Shoals Indians team.  Ben again batted leadoff. He struck out twice and was walked once.

September 9, 2012. The Braves lost to the Cana Tigers in their first game.  For a team with this much youth and lack of experience, I thought they played very well.  Ben played 2nd base all 6 innings and batted lead-off.  He struck out once, hit once, walked once and scored once. 

August 21, 2012.  25 boys signed up for baseball this fall, so there will be two teams.  The first practice was a joint venture, but the second practice was with the 12 players that make up Ben's new team.  They do not yet know what they will be called, but it is a very athletic group of boys.  For the most part, the team is lacking experience at the minor league level, but it appears to be a really well drafted team.



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