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Monday, August 29th, 2016.  First day of school.  It was tough to switch gears after a nice long, relaxing vacation, but the kids did great and everyone was on time. 


Saturday, August 27th, 2016. Ben has been very productive in Indoor Soccer this month.  He scored 16 goals in 6 games.  His team went 2-1-3 over that span.  Ben now has 10 hat tricks in 22 games of Indoor Soccer this year.  


Friday, August 26th, 2016.  We are back from a wonderful and relaxing week at Atlantic Beach.  Below are the daily beach reports. 

Day One - Beach Report
Winds were high, seas were choppy, much fun was had, groceries were bought, movie was watched, the fridge is full, weather looks good, I think we are setup for a couple of fun days on the sand.

Day Two - Beach Report
Day two brought empty beaches and calm seas. We threw the waverunner ball, the boys invented beach basketball, we threw lots of frisbee, we ate lunch on the beach, Amy cooked dinner at the trailer, we watched the sunset from the pier and capped things off with Batman vs Superman.

Day Three - Beach Report
The sun rose, fish were caught, frisbees were thrown, had the beach to ourselves, calm seas, more great meals from Amy, more snacks and ice cream sandwiches, more fish were caught, sharks were caught. It was a good day.

Day Four - Beach Report
The sea was clear allowing us to see all the fish and rays swimming around, so we spent hours snorkling. Jackson and I took the kayak out for some flat water paddling, Amy proved once again that we cannot beat her at Bocci and we capped the day off with our annual trip to Professor Hacker's mini-golf course and some back to school shopping at Dick's. Then just as we were pulling back into our driveway, the alternator in the van went out.


Day Five - Beach Report
A little early small wave surfing in the kayak, two walks across the bridge to get the alternator replaced in the van, more calm seas and perfect weather, more frisbee, bocci and wave runner, fell asleep watching Spectre, decided to stay an extra day.


Day Six - Beach Report
Paddled out early in my kayak to take photos of the pier as the sun came up, Amy went for a walk, we ate breakfast at Four Corners, rented a surf board which led to lots of fun, soaked in as much of the sun and waves as possible as our trip came to an end. Saw our first shark of the week, which we thought was a good sign to pack it up and head home. Stopped in NewBern for dinner and was surprised by my old friend Bob and his wife Amy in the parking lot. They spotted my whitewater kayak and stopped to see if it was us. Just a fantastic, almost perfect vacation. Many, many thanks again to our good friends Grayson and Martha for sharing their little slice of paradise with us.

Saturday, August 13th, 2016. The Joyce family was nice enough to revive dinner club by hosting at their house.  The menu was BBQ, which Mike smoked, and banana boats for desert.  We had %100 attendance.  It is amazing how much everyone's kids have grown over the years.

Saturday, August 6th, 2016
8:00 - I ran in the Downtown Rocks and Run 5K finishing in 22:28.
11:00 - Ben played indoor soccer in King, scored 6 goals and won 14-7.
2:00 - I went kayaking in Kibler Valley
5:00 - grilled dinner at the house
6:00 - dropped Ben off at Mo and Papa's house
7:00 - live music with Amy downtown. 

Friday, August 5th, 2016.  Steppin' Out in Blacksburg.