August 2004

Tuesday the 31st.  Ben seems to have recovered from his doctor's visit and shots yesterday.  He and Jackson spent some time this afternoon in the front yard with the sprinkler.  I can't believe Summer is almost over. 

Monday the 30th.  Benjamin had his fifteen month checkup this morning.  He has lost a little weight now that he is running and climbing all day long, but that's normal and he is in great health.  He is around the 65th percentile for both height and weight now.

Sunday the 29th.  I can't believe that call against the Hokies last night.  Oh well, we looked good for two and a half quarters.  Maybe we'll knock around more ACC teams this fall than I thought we would.  Jackson and I went to the Sunday matinee and saw Garfield.  Jackson had really liked the commercials and it was pretty funny.  I wish they could make a kid's movie without four letter words though.  That just drives me crazy.

Saturday the 28th.  A day on the farm in Virginia for the boys.  They dug potatoes, ate watermelon, skinny dipped in the creek, and ate lunch at Hama's house.   Jackson didn't really enjoy getting dirty as much as Benjamin did, but they both had a good time helping out.


Friday the 27th.  Benjamin is fifteen months old today!  In the photo of the boys in the dining room, Benjamin had climbed into the chair next to Jackson, who was coloring,  all by himself and started signing "more", so we gave him some Sponge Bob cereal.

Check out Ben's latest thing - The Trash Can Game (2.3MB) - Aug04

Thursday the 26th.  This photo is what I saw when I came home from work one day this week.  Jackson was dressed as a "spy".  Amy felt really bad yesterday and today.  And Jackson apparently suffered some of the flu like symptoms today too.  Hopefully everyone will be healthy by tomorrow.

Wednesday the 25th. This sunrise photo is in honor of Amy and Timmesa who have been getting up at 5 everyday to walk and run.  Personally, I don't see to many sunrises.  I only saw this one because Zorro's barking woke me up.  It seemed very pretty to me, but I don't know, maybe they all look like that.

Tuesday the 24th. Happy Birthday Grandma Sue!  Here are some Benjamin pictures from his weekend visiting Grandma.


Monday the 23rd.  Jackson started week 2 at pre-school and did great.  Amy said that he ran up the steps to his classroom.  These photos are from our weekend at Grandma Sue's.  Jackson was thrilled to spend an evening with his cousin Lexi at Sue's house.

Sunday the 22nd.  We stopped by Winston-Salem on our way home from Colonial Heights for this month's Dinner Club at Mike and Brooke's house.

Saturday the 21st. After I got out of the river yesterday and Jackson got out of pre-school, we headed to Colonial Heights for a much anticipated visit with Grandma Sue.  It had been longer than normal since our last visit and the whole family missed her.  Today I took photos of some of the hummingbirds that keep Sue company on the front porch.  I called the little one with the white stripe bossy because he would chase the other birds away.


Friday the 20th.  Jeff and I had an awesome time kayaking on Dan River this morning.  We rented two Liquidlogic Saphire Trekreational Kayaks from Dan River Canoe Co and made a 5 mile paddle with just superb weather.  Blue herons flew out of the old fir stands, rock cliffs, and bamboo bordering the river and followed us as we floated downstream.   And even though we started early, the sun warmed things up enough to take a float outside the boat.  Check out all the kayaking photos on the paddle page.


Thursday the 19th.  Brooke and Landon gave Amy and the boys a visit today.  Landon was walking all over the place at lunch time. 

Wednesday the 18th.  Today was the first day of school for Jackson's pre-school.  He is in Mrs. Golding's four year old/three day a week class at Central Methodist.  (Click HERE to see Jackson on his first day of school last year.)  This is his second year of pre-school and he did really good, although Mom still had to hang around for a little while.  It was also our good friend Samuel's first day at pre-school.  He has Jackson's favorite teacher from last year, Ms. Caviness.  From the picture Jeff sent us, it looks like day one took a lot out of him.

Tuesday the 17th.   Jackson met his friend Cassell McMillian this morning at McDonalds and played for a couple of hours.  He then got to see Cassell again at the Central Methodist Preschool open house this evening.  Cassell and Jackson will be in the same class this year.  Jackson also got to see many more friends from last year, including buddies Brock and Stephen.

Monday the 16th.  August is halfway over, so let's catch up on some photos we've taken this month. 



Sunday the 15th.  We celebrated Papa's 60th birthday with a picnic and hike at Cumberland Knob.  The two mile hike along the Gully Creek Trail starts at an elevation of 2885 feet, then drops 800 feet over the first mile before climbing straight back up on the second mile, crossing the creek a half dozen times at the bottom.  Not bad for a crowd that included a one year old in a stroller, a three year old, a four year old and a six year old.   Click here to see all the photos from Cumberland Knob.       

Saturday the 14th.  Jackson went to Dylan Gallimore's seven year old birthday party at the skate center this afternoon.  Then the whole gang went across town to hang out with the Eads kids.

Friday the 13th.  Amy and the boys took a walk to my office this morning, which is always a nice treat. 

Thursday the 12th.  Happy Birthday Matthew Eads.  Matthew had a very fun party at Chuck E Cheese.  Click HERE to see all the photos from tonight.


Wednesday the 11th.  It rained a lot today.  That's not a big deal unless you were riding your motorcycle.  Ben took a nice long nap this afternoon and Jackson played on the train table.  It has been re-introduced now that Benjamin is old enough to enjoy it.  After dinner, Jackson and I visited his Great-Aunt and Uncle, Dianna and Ronald White, in Fancy Gap.  It was really foggy and Jackson thought it was pretty cool to be standing in the middle of a cloud.

Tuesday the 10th. This photo is of Abby Boyd, Jackson and Benjamin's third cousin from Christiansburg, VA.  And like Jackson, Abby is four years old and a Hokie fan.  We can't wait for the ACC football season to start.  Go Hokies!

Monday the 9th. Per Jackson's request, today was a "stay-at-home-all-day day".  He stayed in his pajamas and didn't have to go outside all day long.  But even though he wanted to stay home, he still wanted to see his friend Samuel.  So Sam obliged and came over to play and paint.

Sunday the 8th. We went to Cumberland Knob at mile marker 217 on the Blue Ridge Parkway for a family picnic and hike.  The weather was nice and cool, making it a great day to be outside.    Click here to see all the photos from Cumberland Knob.


Our old friend, Mike Joyce, (and I'm putting stress on the word old) turned 35 today.  We joined Joel, Kerri, and their baby girl, Rami, at Mike, Brooke, and Landon's house for a cookout celebrating the event.  A couple of firsts last night; Rami ate her first popsicle and Benjamin played the harmonica for the first time. 


August the 7th, 2004.  While Amy and Megan enjoyed our nice weather strolling on Main Street, Jackson, Ben, and I went to Brock Heck's 4 year old birthday party.  Jackson loved the water slide ( I know he went down it a thousand times).  He, Brock and Stephen, who will be in Jackson's class this year at Central, really enjoyed playing together.  Benjamin spent most of the party talking to everyone, but did talk me into a couple of trips down the slide.  After we left Jackson said he really liked Brock's grandpa (he spent a lot of time in the water playing with the boys).


Friday the 6th.  On a nice cool morning at the playground, the boys ran into friends Brock, Samuel, and Dylan.   Then this afternoon the kids went to Caleb and Isabelle's house to play.

Thursday the 5th.  Today was the first day of school in Mount Airy.  For us, living next to the elementary school, that mostly means a lot more traffic.  But next year it will take on a whole new meaning.

Wednesday the 4th.  Big news today, as of last night, Deana and Martin are engaged!  Amy took the boys to Chuck E Cheese in Winston-Salem today.

Tuesday the 3rd. Samuel and Matthew stopped by this afternoon to play in the pools and the sprinkler with Jackson. 

Benjamin signed "more" tonight at dinner each time he ran out of food.  I was very proud because I only started showing it to him last night.  And he said "thank you" each time I gave him a bite.

Monday the 2nd.  Benjamin has started turning his jibber jabber into real phrases.  When he wants to hear his favorite song, he points to the stereo and says "Old-Mac-Don-Ald."  He carries a VHS tape to the VCR and says "I want Elmo."  He says "Thank You" when you give him something and "meow" when he sees Frankie.  Some of his other vocabulary words are ball, duck, mama, dada, poop, go-go-go, and no-no-no. 

Sunday the 1st. Ben is also going to sleep in his crib and sleeping ten hour nights there.  This is one of Amy's recent accomplishments and it is awesome.  I am knocking on wood as I write.