August 2002

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Jackson_2002_08_VA_Tech_Drill_Field_web.jpg (73849 bytes)

Jackson went to college in August.  At least that is the way he puts it.  We visited Va Tech for Stepping Out in Blacksburg and Jackson really dug it.  He had to go into a "classroom building" and he could have stayed in them all day if it was up to him.  Big chalk boards on all the walls seemed like a great idea to him.  We also got to visit with Paula, Andy, Shauna, Chris, and baby Ella. 


Jackson_2002_08_dinnerclub_web.jpg (74056 bytes)Jackson with Sharon, Brooke, and Molly at the August Dinner Club (Ken and Tonya's house).


Jackson_2002_02_self_portrait.jpg (74378 bytes)This is a photo Jackson took of himself with the camera,  I think.