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August 2003


Tuesday, August 26.

DUCK, NC - Thursday, August 21 and Friday, August 22. Here are some of our pictures from the beach.  There were too many for the August page, but you can see the rest by clicking HERE.

The Beach


The Pool

Friday, August 15.  We celebrated Papa's birthday at Melanie and Eric's house in Claudville. 


Saturday, August 16th. We went on an adventurous camping trip this weekend.  We pitched our tent on the side of a mountain high above a raging river...Ok, we setup  about 4 feet outside our front door. But Jackson and Megan still had lots of fun and the best part was that I could run back inside whenever I needed air conditioning.



Matthew's Birthday Party

Tuesday, August 12th.  Matthew turned six years old and had a terrific Transformer birthday party.

Monday, August 11th.  Jackson probably kisses Benjamin over a hundred times a day.  He really loves his little brother.  He also wants Benjamin to call him Bubba.  One of his cousins called his big brother that and it cracks Jackson up.

Sunday, August 10th.  Jackson, Samuel, and Megan.

Mike's Birthday Party

Saturday, August 9th.  My friend Mike turned 34,  wrapped up his graduate degree at Wake Forest and is going to be a dad any day now.  They'll throw a party for just about anything around here, jeez!

Dylan's Birthday Party

Saturday, August 9th.  Dylan turned 6 and had a party at Fisher River Park.  Here are some photos of Jackson and his friends Dylan and Salem.


Wednesday, August 6th    Just a few Benjamin photos from this week.  Benjamin has started cooing and laughing.  His shoulders, back, and head are still fuzzy all over.  And he gets about 200 kisses a day from his big brother (or bubba as Jackson wants Benjamin to call him.)

String Beans

Saturday, Aug 2nd.  It seems like Jackson and I are in a creek somewhere every weekend.  Cold water, a never ending supply of rocks to throw (without getting in trouble), plenty of sticks to float and crawdads to catch.  What could be more fun for a 3 year old Huck Finn.  We took Benjamin, Jackson, and our friend Megan to Hama's this past Saturday to visit.  Jackson picked his first "mess" of green beans and played in Little Dan River next to the garden.  Benjamin got to spend some quality time with Hama while Amy, Megan, and I raided Hama's kitchen. 

I put the pictures of Jackson breaking beans in for his cousins from the city.  On one side of the family Jackson is the city slicker and on the other side he is the country boy.


Mo came over for dinner on Sunday, August 3rd, to hear Benjamin talk.  If you can baby talk, Benjamin can talk back.