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Wednesday, April 30th, 2014. The kids wrapped up their Spring Break, Jackson was confirmed at church, work continued on the chicken coop, the chickens continued to grow, all soccer games were rained out, but we did get to watch friends Anne Rachel and Madelyn play tee ball...

Jackson's confirmation was a four month process that involved weekly meetings with his mentor (our friend Jeff), many discussions with his mentor, pastor, youth director, other confirmands, a trip to a synagogue, projects and more.  I am proud of him for taking the process seriously and asking great, thought provoking questions along the way. 
I stopped by Amy's pre-school to take some photos of the kids in her class.  When I looked through the photos I could not help but notice how beautiful Amy looked.  The kids are very lucky to have someone that enjoys them that much.

Monday, April 21st, 2014. We had a great Easter weekend.  Ben starting things off Thursday evening with a big 3-2 win with his soccer team. Jackson arrived home shortly after from his trip to Washington D.C. with his 8th grade class.  I had Friday off and worked on the coop.  That night we watched an outdoor movie at the Coleman house in celebration of Bryson's birthday.  On Saturday we went to an Easter party at FPCMA, then celebrated our friend Megan's birthday with a party at her house.  The weather on Sunday was perfect for an Easter egg hunt, followed by church, a great lunch that Amy cooked, then an evening at Hama's house.  Then today, while I was at the office, Amy and the boys got to continue the celebration at Deana's house with another big Easter party. 

Tuesday, April 15th, 2014. The chicks continue to dominate a lot of what is happening around our house.  The last four weekends were spent working on their coop and it still is not finished yet.  It is getting closer though.  Leia continues to be Amy's pet and still likes to sit on her shoulder.  The chicks are growing rapidly and change daily.  I continue to read and learn more about the chicks.  For instance, I now know that Golden Comets are sex linked, which means that had we picked the brownish chicks, they would have been hens.  That also means that Mags and Daisy are almost definitely roosters, as they were perfectly yellow when we got them.  Wish someone had told us that when we bought them.  It is still anyone's guess with our four Aracauna chicks.  (Petunia, Leia, Sparkle and Mary).  Mary suffers from cross-beak syndrome, which is genetic.  From my research so far, she/he should be able to adapt as long as we keep a deep dish food bowl out.  And then there is Scarlet.  She has lots of red feathers poking out now and I have no idea whether she is a pullet or cockeral. 

The other thing we have going on is soccer.  Ben's team is 2-1 and playing great.  Ben is also playing well and staying primarily in the forward position.  He practices daily in the yard and had me take him to the soccer field the past two nights so that he could work on scoring. 

Also, Jackson left this morning for Washington, D.C. on a charter bus with his eighth grade class.  The weather is rainy and will turn cold tonight, so the timing could be better, but hopefully he will have an enjoyable trip. 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014
. All of the chicks are doing well, but one in particular has turned into a favorite.  Whenever the net is pulled off their box or whenever we take them outside, Leia flies onto Amy, walks up her arm and sits on Amy's shoulder.  It is something to see.  The coop is progressing after three solid weekends of work, but it needs to get finished soon as the chicks are growing rapidly.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014. Jackson had personal bests in all events at the conference meet.  He came in 7th in the mile with a time of 6:03, six seconds better than his previous fastest time.  He then knocked nine seconds off his 800 time by finishing in 2:47.  His 4X200 relay team ran great and placed 5th.  I was really proud of Jackson and how hard he ran in all three events. 

Saturday, April 5th, 2014. We had a great night celebrating Amy's birthday in Winston-Salem with friends Mike, Brooke, Jeff and Timmesa.  Sherri and the boys went to see friends in You Are A Good Man Charlie Brown at the high school while we were gone and had a good time.  They have enjoyed her visit.  Ben had another soccer game today and won 5-1.  He played great at forward and only set out 2 minutes of the game. 

Thursday, April 3rd, 2014. Happy 40th Birthday Amy Rose! It was about as good as a workday can get.  We started the day with presents for Amy, Amy and I took the chicks out at lunch, Sherri arrived that afternoon.  More chick time with the neighbors, then Jackson's track meet, then Ben's soccer game, then dinner at Chili Rojo with Sherri and Mo.  Just a really good day.  Jackson ran a great mile, finishing 2nd with a time of 6:13.  Ben played super, super good at his first soccer game in the U-13 league.  He started and finished the game at forward, with a break and a quarter at mid-field in between.   More soccer photos here.

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014. Amy's last day in her thirties!  They were kind to her, as she is just as gorgeous on her last day as she was on her first.  Sadly, Amy has been sick for much of this week and is in bed sick tonight.  We all have our fingers crossed that she will feel better on her birthday.  Amy's sister Sherri arrives tomorrow, Jackson has his last home track meet and Ben has his first soccer game.  Should be a BIG day. 

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014.  Amy's chicks continue to grow and to do well.  The weather has been nice enough this week for the chicks to enjoy some outdoor time.  Their first outing was in the yard, all subsequent outings have been in our raised garden bed, which serves as a nice play pen.  And we have 7 chicks now!  4 Aracauna (Petunia, Princess Leia Egg, Twighlight Sparkle and Mary), 1 Golden Comet (Scarlet) and 2 Amberlink (Mags and Daisy).  If I was a betting man, so far I would say that Mary and Daisy are roosters, but time will tell.