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Tuesday, April 30, 2013. The past week has been dominated by soccer and baseball, with a little kayaking thrown in for me and some running for Amy.  Rosie the kitten has turned into the playful wild child you would expect and she has started to wear Ruby down.  You will catch the two of them playing from time to time and the worst Ruby seems to do these days is ignore her.  They are not what I would call friends yet, but they are at least cordial roomates.

Monday, April 22, 2013. Busy, busy, busy.  Following Ben's 3rd grade program on Friday, he spent the night with his friend Devin.  Amy, Jackson and I went to see 42 at the movie theater.  Ben, Devin and the Stars had a basketball game in Winston-Salem at 8AM the next morning.  We brought Ben back to Mt Airy after the game and he played all four quarters of a soccer game that started at 10AM.  As soon as that game was over, he went back to Winston with Amy and played back to back basketball games starting at 12.  Amy, Ben and Devin's family then went to Chuck-E-Cheese.  Jackson and I were in Westfield where the Reds were playing the Orioles.  When we finally all connected back at our house, we immediately drove to Raven Knob to camp with Pack 538.  When we got home on Sunday, Amy and I drove back out 89 to meet Jeff and Timmesa at RoundPeak Vineyards for a picnic lunch.  Great, fun, busy weekend. 

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013.  Jackson ran in a track meet at Piney Grove, then drove an hour to Low Gap to play in a baseball game versus the Astros.   Jackson and his friend Andrew were running stride for stride in the 600 and the competition between the two pushed Jackson to his personal best time of 2:01 and a 3rd place finish.  He finished 4th in the mile with a great time of 6:25.  The Reds then beat the Astros 11-6 in a game delayed by a failure with the lights in the outfield.  Jackson had a good night, he was walked in the 4th, then got a single in the 5th, scored off a hit by Alex and had a ground out RBI in the 6th. 

Monday, April 15th, 2013. Photos from Saturday.  More in my Virginia Tech Gallery.

Sunday, April 14th, 2013. We spent Friday night at Graham Field watching Jackson and the Reds, then woke at 5AM to head to Blacksburg for the 3.2 Remembrance Run.  This was Ben's first 5K. I told him that I would stick with him, then the little bugger sprinted past thousands of people, running the whole way.  Luckily Jackson was there to stick with him till the end because I had to start walking once we were in site of the finish line.  We all got to go through the tunnel at the same time and Amy lifted Ben to touch the Hokie Stone.  After the race we attended the Spring Game, which was a lot of fun.  We all enjoyed seeing the team up close.  From there we hit Main Street for some frozen custard, which we ate while soaking in the sun on Henderson Hill.  After a quick stop at the Tech Bookstore, we watched the Hokies take on #1 UNC at English Field.  We were too tired to make it through the whole game, so we left for Mike's Grill, then headed home.  On Sunday, the boys and I went out of our first golf outing of the year while Amy attended her Book Club, then later Jackson attended Beacons.  It was a great weekend, except that Amy slammed the car door on her thumb last night.

Wednesday, April 10th, 2013. Ben spent the last 4 days the sickest he has ever been.  He was not able to keep any solid foods down pretty much spent 4 days just sleeping or laying on the couch.  No video games, no nothing.  He is back at school today, although probably not at %100.  Meanwhile, Jackson has had two baseball games and the Reds are now 1-2 following last night's 7-3 win over the White Plains Red Sox.  It was a beautiful night for baseball and I really enjoyed the evening.  And the other new development is that for Amy's birthday, we got her a kitten named Rosie.  Rosie is super shy, so Amy is working on getting her acclimated to the house.

Friday, April 5th, 2013. Amy and I met 17 years ago at Mike Joyce's apartment in Collinsville, VA.  We went  to Ziggy's in Winston-Salem to watch Drivin-n-Cryin.  I followed her to Blacksburg the next day where we went on a double-date with Mike and Brooke.  We ate at Pargo's in Christiansburg, then watched Pulp Fiction at Brooke's apartment.  The next day, as I kissed her goodbye in the parking lot, it was snowing,  much like it was yesterday. 

Thursday, April 4th, 2013.  It has snowed all afternoon.  Definitely the coldest Spring that I can recall.  The boys have had a nice break so far.  When Ben returned from Winston-Salem with Deana on Friday, he went to his friend Caden's house for the evening.  On Tuesday Ben joined Caden's family on a trip to the trampoline park, then later that day, after Ben's soccer game, Caden came to our house to spend the night.  They spent most of the next day playing basketball on our trampoline in the back yard.  Yesterday was beautiful and it was nice that the boys got to get outside.  Yesterday was also Amy's birthday.  She is getting a kitten, so we drove to our friend Kristen's house to look at a couple and also checked PetSense to see if they had any pound kittens as that is where Ruby Sue came from.   But today it is cold, wet and snowing like crazy.