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April 2004

Friday the 30th. Amy and the boys spent the morning at Mount Airy High School cheering for Megan and other friends at the local Special Olympics.  I was only able to stop by for a few minutes, but Amy reports that everyone had a really good time and that Mount Airy did an excellent job hosting this year.

 Thursday the 29th. Baby BenBen is a such a happy baby.  He loves to laugh, play music, talk, and walk.


Wednesday the 28th. Papa came over to help Jackson and I put his new swing set together, and take apart, and put back together, and take apart again, and put back together again.  The people that write the directions for these things must be incredibly smart to make something so simple so complicated.

Tuesday the 27th.  Jackson watched a show about snakes while eating breakfast this morning.  When I pulled his pajama top over his head to get ready for school he yelled "I'm molting!" and laughed.  Now that is both a funny kid and a smart kid.

Sunday the 25th.  The Dinner Club met, hosted this month by the Davis family in Winston-Salem, NC.   Lots of good Mexican food and desserts.  The boys spent most of the evening playing in the backyard with their friends Emma, Molly, and Landon.

Earlier in the day we celebrated Megan's birthday with an ice cream cake. As you can tell, Benjamin loved it, especially the Oreo cookie crust.


Saturday the 24th.  We spent the morning and afternoon repairing the Willie House  on Hama's farm for her.  While I was there I asked her about this old photo and found out that it has the boy's great, great, great, great grandfather, great, great, great grandfather, and great, great grandmother in it.  More photos like this one are in the Heath/Stanley Album.


Friday the 23rd.  It's been great weather for bike riding and I've been able to ride at least some each day this week.  I took this photo while riding through Orchard Gap, Virginia.

Thursday the 22nd.  Jackson and Benjamin both had their picture in the Mount Airy News today.  That is the first time either of them have made the paper.  The photo was taken at the Central Methodist March of Dimes Teamwalk.

Wednesday the 21st. The boys and I went to watch Caleb's Tee Ball practice in Ararat, VA with Papa.  Benjamin and I headed back to town, but Jackson went with Papa to spend the night in Claudville.

Tuesday the 20th.  Benjamin continues to walk more and more.  He can take several slow and steady steps to get to where he wants to be.  The picture of Jackson in the spaceship was taken at Hanes Mall in Winston-Salem Friday night.

Sunday the 18th.  A nice sunny afternoon spent celebrating Megan's eighth birthday.


Saturday the 17th.  It was a beautiful morning for the Mount Airy March Of Dimes Teamwalk.  Our KDH team won again this year for the most walkers.  Jackson says of the walk "I walked foooouuuur miles and won.  I won a whole pizza and a box of doughnuts."  The boy's Aunt Deana and our friend Megan walked with us.  Later in the day we visited friends, Mo and Papa came by for a visit, and I even had time to fit in a motorcycle ride at sunset.


Friday the 16th.  Click HERE to watch Ben's 1st Steps (1.8MB) Apr04

Thursday the 15th.  It is so nice that the sun is shining again.  We met on Main Street to eat lunch at The Bluebird.  The boys then shared a cup of Superman ice cream.


Wednesday the 14thBen Is Walking!!!  He took two full steps in his nursery with Amy and Jackson watching early this morning.  Later we all watched as he did it again.  By lunchtime he was able to take as many as four steps in a row.  By bedtime he could take eight steps.  Check out all of Benji's milestones!

Tuesday the 13th.  Jackson asked Amy today "Have you ever seen the movie where the coach is running away from his past?"  We figured out later that he had seen a commercial for Angels in the Outfield.

Monday the 12th.  It is a cold rainy day, but we are not complaining because we really needed the wet weather.  Jackson and Benjamin avoided the rain by playing inside at McDonald's Play-land and at a friend's house.    

Sunday the 11th.  Happy Easter!!!  We awoke to find that the Easter Bunny had brought Jackson the stuffed bunny he had asked for and had hidden eggs inside and outside the house.  Benjamin was actually the first one up and the first to find the baskets (but don't tell Jackson!).    Once Jackson's sugar high from the jelly beans wore off we drove to Claudville and spent the rest of the day visiting Hama, Mo, and Papa.  MORE EASTER PHOTOS...

Saturday the 10th.  Benjamin is really, really close to walking.  He can get to anywhere in the house he wants now.  He can go from one side of the hall to the other, can crawl short distances to get somewhere to pull up.  He has also started standing up without pulling up on anything.  And one of the newest things is that by the time we can get to his room when he wakes up, he is standing in his crib.

Friday the 9th.  Deana hosted a wonderful Easter Egg Hunt for the kids at Martin's house in Stuart, VA today.  The weather was fantastic, Benjamin enjoyed sitting in the grass and eating, and Jackson had a great time hunting for eggs with his cousins.  He found three of the special shiny eggs and won three dollars to put with his other Easter money.  More Photos...


Thursday the 8th.    Jackson had his Easter Party at school this morning and then his buddy Conor came home with him to play for awhile.   They had fun riding the 4-wheeler and playing in the clubhouse.  Amy got a new digital camera for her birthday and took all three of these great Benjamin photographs with it.


Wednesday the 7th.  Below are photos of Jackson making Amy a birthday cake last weekend.  He made the cake all by himself with very little help from dad and even picked out the icing and sprinkles.

Tuesday the 6th.  Jackson's pre-school raised over $2,700 for The March of Dimes.  Jackson's class raised over $500.  Jackson would like to thank all the sponsors for making their teamwalk so successful.   MORE PHOTOS.

Monday the 5th.  Amy and I met eight years ago today.  Isabelle Beasley turned three and Ella Burcher turned two today. 

Sunday the 4th.  Our fun weekend continued with a party for Isabelle's 3 year old birthday.  Both boys had a great time at Izzy's house.  Benjamin was held by almost everyone and got to eat a ton of snacks.  Jackson loved jumping on Izzy's birthday trampoline, even in the freezing wind we had all day. 

Saturday the 3rd.  Amy's 30th Birthday.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!!


Friday the 2nd.  I took a vacation day from the office so that the family could spend a "Fun Day" together.  We first went with Jackson to get his class picture taken, then to the Greensboro Children's Museum, and then out to the movies to see Home On The Range.  An all around great day for the whole family!  Click HERE to see the photos from the Children's Museum.

Thursday the 1st.   I took these outside pictures during our gorgeous weather last weekend.