April 2003

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Jackson_2003_04_26_Daddy_Superman_toss02_web.jpg (197404 bytes)4/26/03.  This month has been awesome, lots of pictures. The action continued this past weekend. On Saturday we went to Mike and Brooke's house in Winston-Salem for a Jackson_2003_04_26_Mike_waterhose01_web.jpg (106831 bytes)shower thrown for Eric Frank and Christy.  They are getting married in Greenville later this month.  Unfortunately it is a little late for Amy to be travelling and we will miss the wedding, but at least we got to see everyone close to home.  It has been a long time since we have gotten together.  We also got to see Karl and Cindy Munschy for the first time in years.   And met their daughter Megan for the first time ever.  She was adorable.  Jackson and her got to play together some, they were very cute. 


Jackson_2003_04_26_Daddy_Superman_toss01_web.jpg (239677 bytes)Jackson and I took some time out at the party to practice for theFather and Son X games.  We were perfecting the  Superman toss.

      Mike_and_Brooke_04_27_03_web.jpg (126551 bytes)  Jackson_2003_04_26_Megan01_web.jpg (75397 bytes)  Megan_and_Karl_2003_04_26_web.jpg (60325 bytes)  EFrank's_Shower_2003_04_26_group02_web.jpg (110222 bytes)      

NinjaJack.jpg (64608 bytes)


Having a personal Sensei flown in from China was a big expense and having him live with us has been a little annoying, what with the wax on/wax off and "grab the pebble from my hand" stuff all the time. But it looks like it is starting to pay off. Samuari Jack appears ready to fly into action.  We might try to land him a role in The Matrix IV - The Beginning.



Jackson2003_04_27_Fish01_web.jpg (105427 bytes)4/27/03.  Then on Sunday we went fishing at Papa's secret fishing hole with Papa and Caleb.  Everyone caught at least one Blue Gill and Jackson caught a monster catfish, or at least a pretty big one.   He caught it with his Snoopy rod and was very excited about it.  He has asked me to retell the story to him a hundred times.  We caught that one on video tape but not in a picture.  Sorry.


Caleb_2003_04_27_Fish01_web.jpg (140948 bytes)Jackson2003_04_27_GaveOut01_web.jpg (136634 bytes)I think reeling in the catfish wore poor Jackson out.  He also took a bit of a mud bath at the pond and had to get stripped down before getting in the carseat.  We let him take a nice long nap at Hama's house. 


Jackson2003_04_27_PigCreek_Mommy01_web.jpg (185975 bytes)Jackson2003_04_27_PigCreek02_web.jpg (237713 bytes)We started the day by eating lunch at Hama's. After lunch, Jackson, Amy, and I threw rocks in Pig Creek while we waited for Papa and Caleb to get back from church. 


Isabelle_2003_04_27_Emma_web.jpg (190736 bytes)We brought Emma with us to run around some in the country, but she just hung out with us most of the time.  Here she is letting Isabelle give her a walk. 


Hama_2003_04_27_Isabelle01_web.jpg (151442 bytes)Hama and Isabelle both looked so pretty Sunday we had to take their picture.





Jackson_2003_04_28_playground01_web.jpg (89035 bytes)Jackson_2003_04_28_playground03_web.jpg (36310 bytes)4/28/2003. Jackson and Amy, along with our good friend Matthew, met me during my lunch break at the playground in Hillsville.  Yet another beautiful April day and another fun day outside.  You can barely see Jackson running full blast into the playground.  He tried really hard to keep up with Matthew.

Jackson_2003_04_28_Matthew_playground01_web.jpg (162791 bytes)     Jackson_2003_04_28_Matthew_playground03_web.jpg (195179 bytes)     Jackson_2003_04_28_running03_web.jpg (110978 bytes)     Jackson_2003_04_28_ropeladder01_web.jpg (141879 bytes)     Matthew_2003_04_28_slide01_web.jpg (158541 bytes)    Amy_2003_04_28_Hillsville_Playground01_web.jpg (98602 bytes)


Jackson2003_04_20_EggHunt01_web.jpg (227403 bytes)4/20/2003.   Jackson woke up Jackson2003_04_20_EasterBasket02_web.jpg (119397 bytes)Easter Sunday and found a big basket of candy and toys on Grandma Sue's front porch.  A little later we went out to see if the Easter Bunny also left any eggs.  Jackson found them all, stopping to open each one to see what was inside.   Another beautiful April day, lots of fun.

    Jackson2003_04_20_EggHunt03_web.jpg (194672 bytes)     Jackson2003_04_20_EggHunt04_web.jpg (139919 bytes)     Jackson2003_04_20_EggHunt05_web.jpg (138067 bytes)     Jackson2003_04_20_Daddy_Eggs_web.jpg (107713 bytes)     Jackson2003_04_20_Mommy02_web.jpg (52780 bytes)    Jackson2003_04_20_GrandmaSue01_web.jpg (97198 bytes)


Jackson2003_04_19_LilSchool01_web.jpg (171406 bytes)4/19/2003. The Mills side of the Jackson2003_04_19_LilSchool02_web.jpg (163592 bytes)family threw Jackson an early Birthday Party since we won't be able to come back up closer to his birthday.  We all went to Sherri's Little School and Jackson had a blast.  He loved playing with all the toys and with the playground equipment.  And he always enjoys getting to have his cousins, aunts, uncles, and Grandma Sue around.  The Easter Bunny made a suprise visit, which was a suprise to almost all of us.  Jackson thought that was pretty cool.   From what I understand the weather in Mount Airy wasa little cold and damp, so we were lucky to be somewhere enjoying great spring weather.

Jackson2003_04_19_Jesse_Jimmy01_web.jpg (84548 bytes)     Jackson2003_04_19_LilSchool04_web.jpg (47965 bytes)     Jackson2003_04_19_Jimmy02_web.jpg (83785 bytes)    Jackson2003_04_19_LilSchool06_web.jpg (109797 bytes)     Jackson2003_04_19_cousins01_web.jpg (88403 bytes)

Jackson2003_04_19_LilSchool05_web.jpg (68959 bytes)     Buzz_Cake_4_19_2003_web.jpg (71528 bytes)    Jackson2003_04_19_EasterBunny01_web.jpg (107259 bytes)     Jackson2003_04_19_EasterBunny02_web.jpg (79771 bytes)


Jackson2003_04_18_Eggs03_web.jpg (94827 bytes)Egg coloring time!!  Jackson2003_04_18_Eggs06_web.jpg (90746 bytes)This is the second year in a row we have done this at Grandma Sue's house.      4/18/2003.




Jackson2003_04_12_Mommy_EasterEggHunt01_web.jpg (186840 bytes)April 12, 2003Surry County had its 2nd Annual Easter Jackson2003_04_12_FisherRiver03_web.jpg (157152 bytes)Egg Hunt at Fisher River Park on April 12th.   Hundreds of kids were there, the weather was perfect, we competed in the egg toss, Jackson found 6 eggs, he planted sunflowers, blew bubbles, played with his friends, it was a really fun day.  Jackson hit it off with the Easter Bunny and followed him around for a good part of the day.

Jackson2003_04_12_FisherRiver01_web.jpg (82144 bytes)Jackson's friends Megan, Samuel, and Mathew were at Fisher River, plus his cousins Caleb and Isabelle.  All the kids had a really good time.

        Samuel2003_04_12_FisherRiver01_web.jpg (121758 bytes)    


    It is finally nice enough outside to resume the after-dinner adventure walks.  Jackson_2003_04_15__AdventureWalk06_web.jpg (157021 bytes)I took pictures from one of these walks last July when Jackson was pretending to be Buzz Lightyear.  (check out July 2002) Now he is Superman.  On this walk, Superman climbed to the top of the Bluff Street bluff.  We then took a  shortcut to Main Street and  chased an innocent jogger around for awhile.  Jackson stuck with him for the first hundred yards or so before he took a wrong turn.  We then finished by running through all the neighbor's front yards, stopping to check out the Easter decorations.

            Jackson_2003_04_15__AdventureWalk05_web.jpg (143377 bytes)         Jackson_2003_04_15__AdventureWalk02_web.jpg (86303 bytes)         April 15, 2003.