In 1998, not long after getting married, Amy and I spent Memorial Day weekend camping on a small island on Smith Mountain Lake.  The weather was unbelievable cold for late May and caught everyone off guard.  We had a great time even though we were freezing and got to chop lots of firewood and huddle around the campfire together.  (notice how close the chairs are to each other).  We met Sharon, Keith and Doc that weekend.  They had just gotten engaged (they're  now married and expecting their first baby.)  Brian and Jenny Hunt were the only other old married folks there.  Ken Williams, Bob Race, Mark Lavin, Mike Joyce, Brooke Richardson (now Brooke Joyce), and Melissa Fore made up the rest of the troupe.  The lions share of that group now make up our Dinner Club.  On our way to the lake it was dark, we were late, and we were lost.   (1998 pre-dated cell phones too, at least it did for us)  Amy and I were mad at each other over directions and had rode around for a long time without talking.  I had the hiccups the entire time.  After what seemed like a year of silence, Amy screams at the top of her lungs.  I am really surprised it didn't give me a heart attack and that we didn't wreck.  But I lost the hiccups and we were back to being happy little newlyweds again.  Other things I remember about that weekend are knee boarding for the first time and that noisy guy named Rooster that setup camp next to us in the middle of the night (that's a whole other story).

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