Scott and Ying-yueh (Cherry)


May 27, 2005.  We attended a wonderful ceremony and reception at Green Gables in Jennerstown, Pennsylvania celebrating Scott and Cherry's marriage.  We would like to thank Scott, Cherry, Scott's parents, and everyone else in the Bearer family for their wonderful hospitality.  The reception was fantastic and it was really, really fun to see Scott and to meet his wife and family.  Scott looked great and Cherry is simply gorgeous. 


January 6, 2003. Well, I finally got some pictures from Scott and Cherry's big day.  Their photos are amazing, it looks like they had a wonderful ceremony, reception, and honeymoon.

Scott and Cherry will be wed on October 25th in Taiwan.  I posted a portion of an email I received from Scott below to catch everyone up a little.  We are very, very happy for Scott and Cherry and wish them all the luck in the world.


"I've been dating Ying-yueh (directly translated, it means "Cherry Moon", but

she just goes by the name Cherry) for the past three years, since I started

at Michigan State University. She finished up her Master's there a couple

years ago, and we've been doing the cross-global relationship since. Well,

this past year, she was living with me in China (I've been in China for the

past several months) and I asked her to marry me up at our village's local

Tibetan lamasery (one of the few Tibetan temples in Sichuan Province not

destroyed by Mao's Red Army during the Cultural Revolution). She lived with

me in China all last year too (I was in China for most of 2002)." - Scott Bearer