This 55 mile loop represents my most common ride, the one I make if I only have an hour to ride and want to go for a ride in the country.  Going up the mountain on 52 is fun because the uphill side of the road has two lanes with lots of dips and curves.  I typically see lots of bikes as I pass through the fruit markets and roadside stands in Cana, Virginia.  At the top of the mountain you pass under the parkway and ride through Fancy Gap on your way to Hillsville.  At Hillsville, take a right on Highway 58 and after only a couple miles, take another right on 670,  Snake Creek Road.  I love riding Snake Creek Road.  It has straight aways, hills, valleys, lots of s curves and has been deserted each time I've been on it.  At the end of Snake Creek Road take a right onto Keno Road.  This road immediately takes a 90 degree turn to the left (don't go straight) before running into the parkway.  The dog leg on Keno only accounts for the less than quarter mile between the end of Snake Creek Road and the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Go straight across the parkway to drop straight off the mountain at Orchard Gap.  This road eventually turns into Main Street Mount Airy.  On the way you pass through rolling foothills and cherry orchards.

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The black stop signs represent good places to refuel and take a break from the road.

*Green roads represent good motorcycle roads.*