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Saturday, April 29th, 2017. A few photos from Jackson's Junior/Senior Prom.

Wednesday, April 26th, 2017. Jackson was inducted into the National Honor Society.

Then celebrated a great basketball season that evening with the team.

Sunday, April 23rd, 2017.  It has been nice catching up with Jackson and hearing about his adventure.
Saturday, April 22nd, 2017.  Jackson is back from an 8 day cross-country trip with 11 other teenage boys and Eric, our town's Young Life leader.  He visited the Grand Canyone, Arches National Park, San Francisco, Monterey, Zion National Park, the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Las Vegas and more. 

This afternoon, as I rode my bike along Pedigo Ridge with rain pounding down, a dozen mules came sprinting up from the middle of their field to gallop along side me for the length of their fence. Their hooves were pounding, mud was flying and I gave them my best cowboy howl as we raced to see who was the fastest.
A little earlier, I was twenty miles into my ride and enjoying being on the same roads in Claudville I pedaled as a kid when I heard the first claps of thunder. I decided it would be smart to shorten my route by taking a bigger highway for a few miles. A mile or so later the floodgates opened and a heavy head wind kicked up. Rain poured down so hard that I could not see anything. It did not make any sense that the rain hurt so much until I realized I had marble size hail bouncing off me and accumulating on the road. My saving grace was that the storm was so bad that I didn't have to worry about cars because they were pulling off the road. I myself was looking for a tree or carport to duck under when I remembered a story my friend Joe told me during our drive to Tennessee last week. It was about a cyclist that won the hearts of the Belgians by racing through a snow storm. So I put my head down, doubled my effort and thought "for the love of those crazy Belgians!"
When I pulled into the gas station, cars were packed under the awnings, hiding from the hail. If there was someone in one of those cars that was not laughing at the guy riding a bike in a hail storm, I did not see them. I looked like I had chickenpox from all the red spots on me.
I have to say, of my bike rides so far, this was the best.


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