A 70 mile loop that goes through both Galax, VA and Hillsville, VA.  The route follows Piper's Gap Road north through rural Lambsburg, up the mountain, under the parkway, and all the way to Galax.  From there it's a right turn onto North 89 and straight through downtown Galax.  Another right onto East 58 takes you to Hillsville via four lane highway.  Go straight through Hillsville and turn right onto 670, Snake Creek Road. This stretch of south bound riding goes through scenic farmland and countless hills and valleys before ending at Volunteer Gap on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Take a right onto the parkway and only go a mile before turning left at Orchard Gap.  The country store here has a front porch that makes it a regular stop for riders ready to take a break and watch the parkway traffic go by. 


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